• 8:59

    Harley Front Brake Pad Inspection and Replacement

    Harley front brake pad inspection can be accomplished quickly and easily by simply getting a good look at the bottom of the caliper with a good flashlight. Harley Davidson and most aftermarket brake pads have wear bars within the brake pad material. The Harley front brake pads wear bars help to give an indication of…

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  • 4:16

    Harley Monoshock Adjustment

    One adjustment that often gets overlooked is the Harley monoshock adjustment on M8 Softail models. Harley Davidson Softail models were completely redesigned and there are many obvious visual differences but possibly the most notable are the new M8 motor and a completely different style chassis. Softail models have always had two shocks located at the…

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  • 6:30

    Harley Air Cleaner Service

    In this video, Mike walks us through Milwaukee Eight Harley air cleaner inspection, cleaning, and replacement. The Harley air cleaner should be inspected every five thousand miles or earlier if riding occurs in harsh environments such as gravel roads, dirt roads, or any type of dust filled environments. The stock Harley Davidson air filter can…

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  • 3:53

    Replace Harley Engine Oil and Filter

    The M8 motor uses, almost, one quart more Harley engine oil than its predecessor Twin Cam motor. The Twin Cam motor held approximately 3.8 quarts of oil while the M8 motor holds closer to 4.75 quarts. Before installing a new Harley oil filter, it is important to fill the filter approximately half way and wet…

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  • 3:51

    Replace M8 Harley Primary Chaincase Lubricant

    Refill the chaincase compartment with the motorcycle upright on a level surface. M8 models will hold 34 ounces dry and 30 to 32 ounces wet of Harley primary chaincase lubricant. The primary compartment is considered dry if it has been completely disassembled, cleaned, dried, and reassembled. This would only be the case if performing a…

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  • 2:11

    Replace Harley Transmission Lubricant

    The M8 transmission case will hold approximately 32 ounces, or 1 quart of Harley transmission lubricant. However, unless the transmission was completely disassembled, there will still be an undetermined amount of residual Harley transmission lubricant remaining in the case. That is why; to refill transmission case, it is recommended that we start with 28 ounces…

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  • 2:02

    Check Engine Coolant

    Harley Davidson coolant inspection is an important, yet often overlooked, service point on liquid-cooled Harley Davidsons. Cooling System Break Down: There are two radiators that can be found on Ultra models that support a cooling system. These small radiators are located within the left and right side lower fairings of the motorcycle. Also included in…

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  • 2:24

    Clean Harley Radiator

    Inspecting and cleaning the Harley radiator on your Hog is very easy, however, often overlooked. To access the Harley radiator, remove the grill panels from the lower fairings. It is quick and easy to remove the panels but it is important to use a non-marring tool in order to remove without damaging any surface areas.…

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  • 16:34

    Harley Coolant Replacement

    At higher mileage services, Harley coolant needs to be replaced. To drain the cooling system, start by removing the motorcycle’s main fuse and remove the access panel from the lower, right side fairing. Remove the reservoir rubber fill plug and the pump cover. Remove the hoses from the pump but be careful, the hose barbs…

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