• 6:30

    Harley Air Cleaner Service

    In this video, Mike walks us through Milwaukee Eight Harley air cleaner inspection, cleaning, and replacement. The Harley air cleaner should be inspected every five thousand miles or earlier if riding occurs in harsh environments such as gravel roads, dirt roads, or any type of dust filled environments. The stock Harley Davidson air filter can…

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  • Steering Head Bearings Adjustment

    Steering Head Bearings Adjustment

    Bob and Mark show us steering head bearing adjustment by removing the clutch and throttle cables so the front end will have free movement. A piece of tape helps with testing fall away and they cover painted surfaces. They loosen pinch bolts and test fall away. If out of spec, they loosen the stem adjustment…

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  • K&N Air Filter Upgrade

    K&N Air Filter Upgrade

    Like those strips you put on your nose to breather better, a new air cleaner can bring some much needed air to your Harley. Bob shows us how to install the gaskets, backing plate, breather bolts, aftermarket air cleaner and the stock air cleaner cover. Take your time, start the bolts by hand and make…

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