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    Check Operation of Electrical Equipment and Switches

    Simple but often overlooked. Check operation of electrical equipment and switches before you start to service your Harley Milwaukee Eight. Mike Roen walks you through these easy steps as required by your manual’s checklist. We know it sounds simple and it is. The reason you want to do this before service and every ride is…

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  • Twin Cam 96 / 6 Speed Tech Updates

    Twin Cam 96 / 6 Speed Tech Updates

    Bob walks us through many of the upgrades that we see on the Twin Cam 96 and 103. Brembo calipers, ABS, cableless throttle and a new frame are just a few upgrades from the Twin Cam 88. He also shows us where to grab power for our electronic accessories. Next Video: Harley-Davidson® Oil Change Service…

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  • Upgrade the air cleaner on your Harley-Davidson

    Upgrade the air cleaner on your Harley-Davidson®

    Bob reviews the throttle by wire on the Twin Cam 96 and 103 and how to install an aftermarket air cleaner. He even points out the factory warning on the throttle body box. Next Video: Harley-Davidson® clutch adjustment and service Related Twin Cam 96 video: Front Brembo Caliper and Pads

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  • Harley Fairing Bracket Removal For Replacement

    Harley Fairing Bracket Removal For Replacement

    Harley fairing brackets can snap and cause a shake or wobble to your inner and outer fairing. Our experts show you how to remove the brackets without tearing the whole wiring harness part. We remove the outer faring. With the use of some common sense and the factory service manual, we remove the brackets without…

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  • Harley Davidson Tools and Products

    Harley-Davidson® Tools and Products

    Harley Davidson tools, JIMS tools and more motorcycle tools. Bob gives us a great overview on some of the basic tools we need to service our Harley-Davidson from oil-change to custom part install. They are readily available and you might have most of them in your garage already. Bob shows us that tools are only…

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  • Harley Davidson Oil Change Service

    Harley-Davidson® Oil Change Service

    Begin the service on your Touring model by draining some of the fluids. Bob teaches you how to remove and reinstall the oil and tranny drain plugs, oil filter and transmission dipstick to drain and refill the oil and transmission fluid.

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  • Harley Davidson Front Forks Service

    Harley-Davidson® Front Forks Service

    Bob and Mark demonstrate the process for adjusting, servicing and maintaining the front fork on your Harley Touring model. You’ll want to keep your service manual on hand, as this is a long service, and it can be difficult.

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  • Harley Forks Reinstallation After Service

    Harley Forks Reinstallation After Service

    Once you’ve changed the oil in your Touring model’s front fork, you’ll need to reinstall the assembly. This is another two-person job because you should take care to get everything lined up and properly installed. Bob and Mark demonstrate the step-by-step process for reinstalling the outer fairing, passing lamps, headlamp, radio and windshield.

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  • How to bleed brakes on a Harley

    How to bleed brakes on a Harley

    Bob and Mark discuss the FL dual disc braking system on the Touring model and show you how to service and clean the calipers, replace the front brake pads and replace the brake fluid. They stress that you use only your model year’s brake fluid, Dot 5 or Dot 4, depending. If you mix the two, you could cause damage to your bike.

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