• 45:24

    Knucklehead Motor Removal: Part 3

    In this video, Kevin Baas moves along with the disassembly of his Knucklehead. He starts off by removing the top Knucklehead motor mount, keeping hardware and motor mount shims together. Two of the top motor mounts bracket mounting points secure directly onto the intake rocker arm assemblies. The oil tank and rear fender share mounting…

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  • 31:34

    Knucklehead Chopper Tear Down: Part 1

    You just picked up an antique Harley Davidson, a Harley Knucklehead Chopper in this case. What’s the best way to familiarize yourself with the Knucklehead chopper? Take it completely apart, of course! Every component. Every nut, bolt, and screw. Would you expect us to suggest anything different? A good starting point for this Knucklehead chopper…

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  • 2:37

    Dyna Kickstand Spring Removal and Replacement

    Today, Steve has a 2005 Dyna up on the lift to demonstrate how to replace the Dyna kickstand spring. Also known as the jiffy stand, the kickstand spring will begin to stretch as it gets older, allowing the Dyna kickstand to sag. This will cause the stand to bounce when going over bumps, and it…

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  • 5:29

    Understanding Cam Specs: Part 3

    This is the third video in the series of videos to help you understand cam specification. In the first video, we covered the role of the camshaft in a four-cycle engine and how it works. In the second video, we discussed the “big three.” The three most important specifications to consider when selecting a S&S…

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  • 4:48

    Garage Build: Kevin Draper’s Toxic Softail

    Have you seen all the custom bike work at Dennis Kirk’s Garage Build? Here’s an interview with Kevin Draper about his build Toxic. Kevin wanted to build a motorcycle from the ground up that was different than his normal rides. You gotta see this copper front end. Watch our interview with Kevin and read more…

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  • 15:48

    Garage Build: Bill Garcia 1978 Special Construction

    Have you seen all of the custom bike work at Dennis Kirk’s Garage Build? Here’s an interview with Bill Garcia about his 1978 Special Construction. His two sons wanted to reproduce an exact copy of the original chopper or as close as possible to the one he had in 1978. Watch Bill’s great story here…

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  • 6:15

    The Greasiest Motorcycle Show 2020

    With most spring and early summer rallies being cancelled due to a worldwide pandemic, we were lucky Danny and Aga, founders of Bad Grease Clothing were able to reschedule The Greasiest Motorcycle Show for August. This was the third year The Greasiest has gone down in Lombard, Illinois at Brauer House, and even though the…

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  • 3:31

    Vintage Torque Fest 2020

    What a strange year it’s been, coming into spring, excited for rallies all summer, only to be halted by a worldwide pandemic. With spring and early summer rallies being cancelled or rescheduled left and right during the uncertainty of the spring months, the outlook on Vintage Torque Fest, typically held in spring, looked bleak. Luckily,…

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  • 47:57

    S&S Quickee Pushrods, Lifters, Cuffs Install

    Mike has the cam chest completely assembled. He is now ready to move forward and install the S&S lifters and S&S Quickee pushrods. The lifters have a side oil passage. It does not matter if the passage faces in or out. However, if lifters are being re-used, it is important that they are returned to…

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