• 8:29

    Softail M8 Oil and Transmission Lubricant

    With drain plugs installed and torqued to spec, Mike begins the process of filling, both, the Softail M8 oil and the transmission lubricant. The service is being performed with the motorcycle on the lift and level. Setting the final levels for Softail M8 oil and transmission lubricant will take place after the motorcycle has been…

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  • 11:49

    Check and Adjust the Softail M8 Clutch

    Although the Softail M8 clutch components may now look drastically different, the adjustment procedure is still very similar to the way it has been for the last 35 years. Slacken the clutch cable – Make adjustment at the clutch pack – Final adjust cable. One part that has most noticeably changed on the Softail M8…

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