• 22:32

    Tough Rides: India – Southern India

    On their journey down the Indian south west coast, the Pyle brothers visit Mahindra’s mega car factory, and Colin takes the test to become a car factory worker. Ryan recovers from his first fall of the trip, he’s not seriously hurt but his bike is in need of repair.

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  • 22:07

    Tough Rides: India – Madurai to Kolkata

    Madurai is a 2000 year old city and one of the world’s oldest inhabited cities. As the journey continues north up the east coast of India, the carnage on the roads continues. A side trip to an elephant sanctuary in Odisha Province showcases the beauty of India’s national parks.

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  • 22:27

    Tough Rides: India – Darjeeling to Delhi

    Finally after 54 days on the road, the Pyle brothers arrive back at the India Gate in Delhi to end their epic tough ride around India.

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  • 24:22

    Tough Rides: Brazil – Rio de Janeiro to Salvador

    After being blessed by a local priest, Ryan Pyle sets off from the iconic Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro on his BMW F800GS adventure motorcycle: the perfect bike for this is incredibly diverse adventure motorcycle ride. Ryan is looking to cover as much as 14,000 kilometers over a 60-day circuit of Brazil.

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  • 23:03

    Tough Rides: Brazil – Salvador onto the Trans-Amazonian Highway

    Ryan Pyle loves to ride motorcycles, and he is addicted to long epic adventures in remote places. Ryan’s goal in life is simple: to travel the globe in an effort to better understand this incredible world we live in. And of course, the best way to travel, learn and explore the world is by motorcycle.…

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  • 22:39

    Tough Rides: Brazil – The Trans-Amazonian to Manaus

    After his first proper crash of the trip, Ryan’s spirits are down as he comes to the realization that traveling by road in the Amazon is going to be much harder than originally anticipated. After a brief rest in the small village of Anapu, Ryan is refreshed and ready to continue to explore. Marking the…

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  • 23:10

    Tough Rides: Brazil – Manaus to Porto Velho

    Ryan’s rest on the Amazon River boat has come to an end. It is now time to test Ryan’s resolve and put his survival skills to the test. After exploring the Amazon rainforest from the air Ryan meets up with Leo, a tree climbing and jungle survival expert. His reward is a soul crushing muddy…

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  • 23:16

    Tough Rides: Brazil – Porto Velho to Iguazu Falls

    When Ryan successfully reaches the end of the BR-319, his vehicle breaks down yet again but more Brazilian hospitality comes to the rescue in the form of a local rancher who tows the support vehicle to his ranch and cooks up a BBQ for the team. Moving on proper tarmac roads, the landscape begins to…

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  • 23:28

    Tough Rides: Brazil – Iguazu Falls to Rio de Janeiro

    Ryan is done splashing around in the Iguazu Waterfalls and goes on the road to the resort town of Florianopolis. All momentum comes to a grinding halt as Ryan suffers a flat tire, a vehicle breakdown, a massive traffic jam, and a disastrous conclusion. While waiting for repairs, Ryan learns of Japanese culture in Sao…

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