• 5:08

    Harley Drain Plug Installation

    Harley drain plug installation is not difficult but things can quickly become difficult if a drain plug is installed incorrectly. If a drain plug is not installed straight or is installed dirty, the plug’s threaded allocation in the case can become permanently damaged. The most common way oil cases become damaged is from Harley drain…

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  • 1:35

    Inspect Rear Brake Fluid Levels

    Rear Harley brake fluid level can be inspected by viewing the fluid level through the rear master cylinder reservoir sight glass. However, when performing a major scheduled service, it is important that the reservoir top cap is removed. This allows for a better view of both the fluid level and the fluid condition. On most…

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  • 3:53

    Inspect and Lubricate Jiffy Stand

    Call it what you want; jiffy stand, side stand, or kickstand. It is an integral component that we rely on and it must be inspected. Also to be inspected is the jiffy stand spring. It is inevitable that the spring will eventually need replacement. When replacing the jiffy stand spring, it is important to service…

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