• 2:04

    Milwaukee Eight Service Introduction

    How to Service a Milwaukee Eight Introduction: 37 Step Checklist Harley-Davidson designated the Milwaukee Eight (M8) as the power-plant for Touring and Softail models (Softail videos Here). (Dyna I miss you) We are excited to bring you the Milwaukee Eight service videos to follow along with your factory service manual. We switched it up a…

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  • 18:24

    Inspecting Clutch Fluid System for Leaks, Contact or Abrasion

    Harley Davidson clutch bleeding and flushing with DOT 4 fluid for the Harley hydraulic clutch system is a procedure that is often overlooked. The fluid eventually breaks down over time and after hours of repeated use. How the system works is relatively simple. When the Harley hydraulic clutch lever is pulled, the master cylinder assembly…

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  • 8:51

    Front Brake Pads and Disc Inspection

    Harley front brake pads and discs should be inspected at every scheduled service interval or whenever the components are removed for service procedures. Brake pads must always be replaced as a matched set. Always replace inner and outer pads together. If your Harley is dual disc; replace both sides. Never mix different manufacturers pads and…

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