• Simplifying Electricity: The Harley Davidson Electrical System

    Simplifying Electricity: The Harley Davidson Electrical System

    A fuse blows, a light goes out or you hear click-click when trying to go for a ride. Most of us think of electricity and wiring as a big ball of wires with no rhyme or reason. Our experts are here to teach you about electricity as it applies to our motorcycles.  Next video: Matter &…

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  • Motorcycle Battery Voltage & Amperage

    Motorcycle Battery Voltage & Amperage

    Volts and amps play a major role in Harley Davidson maintenance and even more so in troubleshooting an issue. Let’s walk through each of these to better understand the electrical flow on our motorcycles. Next video: Resistance & Conductors

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  • Motorcycle Electrical Problems & Ohm's Law

    Motorcycle Electrical Problems & Ohm’s Law

    The basis for understanding electricity came about after a 1827 publication by Georg Simon Ohm. Ohm’s law can help us figure out many motorcycle electrical problems including running new passing lamps on an existing circuit. Next video: Watt’s Law

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  • Motorcycle Electrical Repair & Watt's Law

    Motorcycle Electrical Repair & Watt’s Law

    The amount of electricity consumed by a load is called electrical power usage or watts. We can use some simple calculation to see if we have a component that is not performing properly due to damage to the conductors or improper installation. Next video: Tools & Instruments

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  • Motorcycle Electrical Wiring and Circuits

    Motorcycle Electrical Wiring and Circuits

    Here’s a circuit, an unbroken path or circle for electrons to flow, to bring all that we have learned so far onto the table. This video shows us how our motorcycles run on circuits, be they series, parallel or series parallel.  Next video: Starter / Sprag Clutch Replacement

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