• 1:44

    Tech Tip: Harley Transport Mode

    Setting Harley transport mode makes it possible to arm the security system without enabling the motion detector for one ignition cycle. This allows the motorcycle to be moved in an immobilized or armed state. However, any attempt to start the engine will trigger the alarm. If you are trailering your Harley Davidson, it is important…

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  • Are You Ready to Ride?

    Motorcycle Pre-Ride Checklist

    Here is a motorcycle pre-ride checklist brought to you by Bob LaRosa. He explains how to make sure you are ready for your next ride. A short ride to the local hang out or a trip of a lifetime to a far away rally warrant the same amount of preparation and care. We want to…

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  • 14:33

    M8 Motorcycle Safety Check

    Mike will need to finish with a M8 motorcycle safety check and he is on his way to finalizing the service of the M8 Softail. Before rolling the bike off of the lift, the main fuse needs to be re-installed and the fuse block needs to be correctly orientated behind the left side cover. The…

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  • Motorcycle Safety Inspection

    Motorcycle Safety Inspection

    You finished your service or upgrade to your Harley-Davidson. Bob walks us through a motorcycle safety inspection; checking fluids, lights, brakes, horn, tire pressure and more. Make sure to do this procedure every time you work on your motorcycle.

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