• HD Spark Plugs Service and Replacement

    HD Spark Plugs Service and Replacement

    Fuel and Spark are very important for your Harley-Davidson to run. Here’s a quick look at HD spark plugs. Next Video: Harley Fork Oil Change Softail / Dyna Related Video: Removing and Replacing Harley Fork Oil Dyna

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  • Harley-Davidson Upgrades: Spark Plugs, Coils and Wires

    Harley-Davidson® Upgrades: Spark Plugs, Coils and Wires

    Here’s a great upgrade or fix. Coil, spark plugs and plug wires for your Harley-Davidson. Videos on Removal and Replacement of Charging System: Harley Davidson Charging System Removal Harley Stator and Rotor Shell Replacement Harley Voltage Regulator Replacement

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  • Harley Davidson Spark Plugs Replacement

    Harley-Davidson® Spark Plugs Replacement

    No spark, no fire. That is the name of the game when it comes to Harley Davidson spark plugs. Follow along with this critical video on the importance of maintaining healthy spark plugs. Bob and Mark review the simple steps of Harley Davidson spark plugs service that are some of the most important we can perform during a Harley service:

    • Wear safety glasses and use air to blow away debris.
    • When removing spark plug wires, note location.
    • Remove old plugs.
    • Gap and prep new plugs with high heat copper anti-seize.
    • Install new plus and do not over tighten.
    • Check all your connections and clean as needed.
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