Cobra PowrPro HP Exhaust & PowrPro Tuner

Installation of a Cobra fi2000 PowrPro tuner

There are certain things that can stand on their own, but once combined together, they become an incomparable force. The Cobra PowrPro HP 2-into-1 exhaust system and Fi2000 PowrPro CVT tuner are a perfect example of this. Each will improve your Harley to great ends on their own, but the improvements are even more dramatic when they are combined together.

A set of free-flowing pipes can make a huge difference on their own, but the bike will more than likely need to be re-tuned in order to run properly. The free-flowing exhaust will invariably change the air/fuel mixture, because the pipes will allow more air to be pulled through the engine. This is where EFI tuners come in. Tuners like the Fi2000 have revolutionized motorcycle tuning by allowing the rider to set up the fuel mapping of the bike themselves. Whenever you upgrade your exhaust, you should always think of getting a tuner so your bike can run the best it is capable of.

There are a variety of different EFI tuners on the market. So what makes the Cobra PowrPro CVT so special? It’s all in those three letters-CVT. Continuously Variable Tuning (CVT) does just what it sounds. The PowrPro is able to precisely tune your bike’s air/fuel mixture on the fly so that your engine is always getting exactly what it needs. The PowrPro re-tunes 80 times per second to be exact. That means that you will always be running at peak performance, no matter what the conditions including the amount of throttle being given, gear selection, climate, altitude or whatever other conditions the bike encounters. You are no longer confined to a predetermined arbitrary air/fuel ratio like with any other EFI tuner.

The best part of the PowrPro tuner aside from the CVT technology is that it’s a plug and play system. There is no wire cutting or splicing necessary. You just simply use the PowrPro’s wiring harness to connect to your bike’s wiring harness via the detailed instructions that come with the system. The actual tuner does stay on the bike at all times and is simply mounted to the side of the bike’s battery by using Velcro. Sound, looks and performance. Those are the three things that we look for in aftermarket motorcycle exhausts and the Cobra PowerPro HP 2-into-1 exhaust system delivers all of the above. To start, you can expect a deep throaty rumble being produced from your Harley V-twin with this system installed. The 2-into-1 delivers a consistent sound as it comes through the muffler body and out the megaphone style end. Your V-twin will sound the way that it should.

The PowrPro HP exhaust will give your bike a clean and powerful look due to the cylindrical muffler shape, megaphone opening and fine finishes. The system is offered in either full chrome or matte black. Both are finished off with a delicately machined chrome billet tip. The PowrPro HP pipes utilize an internal cooling technology that helps to prevent the muffler from blueing so it will stay looking sharp for a long time. In fact, Cobra guarantees that the entire system will not turn blue for the life of the system.

When you install the PowrPro HP exhaust onto your Harley, you can expect significant power and torque gains over your stock pipes. You will instantly notice the improved throttle response with this exhaust system installed on your bike. Your bike will be shedding extra unwanted weight as well seeing as that these pipes are noticeably lighter than stock.

With the Cobra PowrPro HP exhaust system and the Fi2000 PowrPro CVT tuner paired together, your Harley will run, sound and look better than ever. A bike sounds the best when it is running at its best and that’s what this combination delivers. If you want even better performance, consider upgrading your air filter as well to allow your engine to breath as best as it can.

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Cobra PowrPro HP exhaust

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8 Responses to “Cobra PowrPro HP Exhaust & PowrPro Tuner”
  1. B. Keen
    B. Keen

    Installed the Cobra Power Tuner on my 2014 Ultra Classic with Freedom Performance true dual exhaust. All the reviews stated “will improve your bikes performance”. I noticed little to no change in the bikes performance other than fuel usage! Went from 38 mpg to about 27 mpg. After speaking with sales rep I was told the unit may be defective. A second unit was mailed to me and it was obviously defective. … the LED lights didn’t even come on. A third unit was mailed to me and it was a repeat of the first. It took 9 months to get a refund….if it says it will improve your bikes performance you should be able to see a positive / noticeable difference.

  2. Vernon

    I installed a Cobra Power Pro Fi 2000 Auto Tuner, Screaming Eagle Stage one kit and Reinhart true dual system on my 06 Road King Twin Cam 88 EFI. Much less MPG but with the more air intake from the Stage one kit the more fuel will be needed and used. The price you pay for having a little more HP and a Great sounding Harley. The Power Pro Fi 2000 tuner has worked very well on my bike so far. The test of time will tell how good of a product the Power Pro Fi 2000 auto tuner is. I have no complaints with the auto tuner at this time.

  3. Roy Klemm
    Roy Klemm

    I bought a used Honda Fury WITH Cobra Swept exhaust, S&S air cleaner, and Power Commander 5. I changed to a Hard chrome Side Burner. Then I disconnected the Power Commander. NO CHANGE, makes NO sense. As before, I get 55-60 MPG. A Harley dealer told me to save my money; ” We take more of them off than put them on.” Are they worth $300 to $500 ? I know of a place wanting $200 to tune one.

    • Customer Service Techs
      Customer Service Techs

      Hi, Roy. We have limited experience with Hondas; we suggest contacting the manufacturer for possible solutions.

      • roy14103

        Ticket 17674 I have 2017 Harley flhxs have a hi flow air filter stock head pipes with cobra neighbor hater mufflers had a screaming eagle prostreet tuner installed im gonna change the headers out for a true dual set up I bought the cobra fi2000poerpro black can ths be installed with out changing thepro street tune up or do I have to go back to the stock tune up thank you

  4. Robert

    I put the FI 2000 black on my 2010 ulira limited. Seem to run pretty good i did put straight pipe fish tail slipons on sounds great and runs great. Have not messed with any of the fuel or tuning yet

  5. Dean

    Had a power commander installed and then fuel pump nothing but problems this firing hesitating hide starting I don’t want to throw the company under the bus just yet