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  • FMH 011997f_Y0C99U_c​ Time Stands Still At Petrified Forest National Par PREMIUM

    Millions of years can do a lot to change a landscape. Mountain glaciers frozen for eons eventually heat up and melt and a river rushes forth. Mighty lakes evaporate and leave behind vast salt flats. Or, in the case of much of the American west, lush forest and diverse swampland slowly dies away and leaves… Read more »

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  • FMH 011995f_Y0C97U_c Discover Life Renewed At Lassen Volcanic National Park PREMIUM

    For three years, fire and rock burst into the sky, sending smoke and ash miles high. Almost 300 times over the course of 36 months, a boiling and churning cauldron of gas and white hot liquid earth exploded, scattering huge portions of the mountain, melting away entire cliff faces and completely rearranging the horizon. After… Read more »

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  • FMH 011994f_Y0C96U_c​ Redwood National Park - California At Its Wildest FREE

    There are certain places on Earth that make us marvel at the true power of Mother Nature and contemplate the wonders of this planet. Whether it’s their scale or their beauty, these natural creations are awe-inspiring and regal. Such is the case of Redwood National Park, where ancient wooden behemoths loom large over a spectacular… Read more »

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  • harley project rushmore

    Everyone is excited about the Harley Project Rushmore Twin Cooled 103ci. The excitement does not exclude Bob, Mark, Dennis, and the rest of us at Fix My Hog. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on one of these bikes. Now, we want to show you what we’ve learned. Form and Function Collide In this… Read more »

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  • harley-battery-removal-009129f_Y0A62u_c

    In this video Bob goes through Harley seat and Harley battery removal on the 103, Twin Cooled, High Output, Rushmore bike. You should begin every service, or repair with Harley Battery removal and Harley seat removal. The most important part would be disconnecting the battery negative cable. Off With the Seat Harley seat removal is… Read more »

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  • Harley Davidson Transmission Fluid

    In this video, we go through changing transmission fluid on the Rushmore, Twin Cooled 103. This service point is straightforward, with very few steps but it is of utmost importance that it is completed correctly. Underfilling, or overfilling your transmission can cause serious problems for your motorcycle. Start by removing your transmission fill plug/dipstick from… Read more »

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  • Harley Starter Clutch

    A common component to fail on a Harley-Davidson is the starter. Whether from age or lack of proper battery/motorcycle maintenance, it is almost inevitable that your starter will need to be pulled for rebuild or repair. Harley’s starter design changed in 2007 and we found ourselves no longer having to get into the primary drive… Read more »

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  • Harley Throw Out Bearing

    On the right side of your Harley, behind the transmission side cover (aka clutch end cover) you will find the transmission door bearings. These two bearings are critical as they support the heavy load at the end of the transmission main and and counter shafts. Failure It is not uncommon for these bearings to eventually… Read more »

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  • Fork Seal Leak

    You may develop a Harley fork seal leak at some point. It’s a rubber seal and they were out and deteriorate over time. Another Vice Mike shows us how not to pick up another vice. He uses the motorcycle as the vice to remove the tubes. Make sure everything is clean and free of debris…. Read more »

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  • 103-Twin-Cam-Performance-Upgrades

    In this video we disassemble and prep for our 103 Twin Cam performance upgrades from Cobra. This upgrade includes; a full Cobra exhaust system, a fuel management system, and Cobra’s Power Flow air cleaner assembly. This performance upgrade will give us increased horsepower and torque. It will also give us a different, more aggressive sounding,… Read more »

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  • TC 103 Harley Fuel Management System Upgrade

    Install the Cobra Fi2000 Power Pro on your ride and it’s like having your own, built-in Dyno to analyze your bike’s performance and constantly tune your air/fuel ratio for optimum performance. Plug & Boost The Power Pro fuel injection control module is plug & play. Very simple to install in just a few easy steps…. Read more »

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  • Harley Breather

    Simply put- Cobra’s Power Flow Air Intake moves a lot of air! This is an instance where beautiful form and design is combined with outstanding function and performance. This Harley breather / air intake assembly bolts right on for a custom motorcycle look and gives performance increases across the board. All Together Combine the Power… Read more »

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  • Harley Breakout Box

    The Harley breakout box is meant to be used in conjunction with a scan tool and a flow chart from your electrical manual. It interfaces with your main harness and ECM to allow a technician to pinpoint individual circuits within your motorcycle. The Harley breakout box allows for voltage, ohms, and continuity testing of specific… Read more »

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  • Harley Alarm

    There are a number of TSSM settings that a rider has the option of setting different modes, or preferences. In this video clip, Bob demonstrates how to set your preference for the Harley alarm sensitivity. There are four Harley alarm sensitivity settings: Extremely Low, Low, Medium, or High. The selection picked controls the sensitivity of… Read more »

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  • Harley Scan Tool

    Searching and researching trouble codes is often the first and easiest step when it comes to diagnosing an issue with your Harley Davidson. We have already showed you how to pull up possible codes through your speedometer head; but then what? Often times further diagnostics and conclusions can be accomplished with just a test light… Read more »

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  • Fender Dent Removal

    Bob gives us an idea of what is involved with Harley fender dent removal. In many instances replacing a fender or fuel tank is much less expensive than having a professional labor over correcting the piece. In other instances the damaged component may be rare or one of a kind and repair is the only… Read more »

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  • Metal Fillers

    None of us want to be in a situation where one of our motorcycle’s painted components is damaged. Replacing a fuel tank or fender can be very expensive. However, if a damaged piece is salvageable, consider repairing it yourself. You will save a lot of money if you bring a component to your painter, already… Read more »

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  • Harley Tank Emblem

    Removing a Harley tank emblem or badge is not difficult. It does, however, require that you use patience and common sense. There are a few reasons why you may want or need to remove a Harley tank emblem. You may need to restore or repaint your fuel tank. You may be replacing a damaged fuel… Read more »

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