Fix My Hog Projects

This amazing video collection takes you for an exciting ride. Check out all the projects that are available to improve your motorcycle wrenching skills. These multi hour projects focus on a certain component or system to help you become a master wrench. It’s time to get serious about your wrenching skills. Discover the benefits of taking on a Harley-Davidson project.

M8 Cam Upgradeview all >>>

  • 5:25

    M8 Adjustable Rocker Arms

    Mike brings our attention to adjustable rocker arms for the M8. A topic that will become increasingly more common for Milwaukee Eight owners who establish fifty thousand miles and higher. Harley’s four valve head has two rocker arms that control two valves each. One rocker arm controls a pair of intake valves and one arm…

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  • 7:40

    What is the Best Cam for M8 114 or 107

    What’s the best cam for M8 114, 107, or 117? Our friend Mike Roen is getting prepared to take us, step by step, through the process of a S&S performance cam upgrade on this M8 Softail. Whether your bike has a 107, 114, or 117 cui motor, this procedure pertains to all M8 Harley Davidson…

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  • 15:47

    How to Remove an M8 Cam

    How do you remove an M8 cam? Mike shows us how with our M8 Softail strapped to the lift and is prepared to begin the M8 Cam tear down procedures for our S&S cam upgrade. The complete exhaust system and air cleaner assemblies have been removed prior to filming. Mike reminds us of the procedure…

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Cam Chain Tensioner Shoeview all >>>

  • 4:32

    Harley Twin Cam Oil Pressure Relief Valve

    Here is a great tech tip that Mike demonstrates for any members that are working in their Twin Cam, cam compartment. It is always a good habit to remove, clean, and inspect the Twin Cam oil pressure relief valve any time a cam plate is removed. Especially, if there had previously been some type of…

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  • 3:58

    Twin Cam Gear Drive Conversion Explanation

    The Harley Davidson cam chain tensioner shoes have been an issue since 1999 until Harley updated to hydraulic cam chain tensioners in 2006 and 2007. We show you how to update to hydraulic in our Harley Cam Chain Tensioner Shoe Project videos. Mike Roen walks us through the next level upgrade to gear drive instead…

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  • Harley Cam Chain Tensioner Failure!

    Harley Cam Chain Tensioner Failure

    In this video, Bob walks us through a Harley cam chain tensioner inspection, it can be a Road King plastic tensioner replacement that needs to be done or any models in the affected year range of the Twin Cam 88. He removes the exhaust, floorboards, and everything in the way of the cam cover. At…

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Cam Gear Drive Conversionview all >>>

  • 4:32

    Harley Twin Cam Oil Pressure Relief Valve

    Here is a great tech tip that Mike demonstrates for any members that are working in their Twin Cam, cam compartment. It is always a good habit to remove, clean, and inspect the Twin Cam oil pressure relief valve any time a cam plate is removed. Especially, if there had previously been some type of…

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  • 15:55

    Cam Chain to Cam Gear Conversion Introduction and Tools

    Mike gives us an overview of what goes into a Twin Cam cam compartment inspection and upgrade of the cam chain tensioner chain. As many of us are already well aware, from 2000 to 2006, Harley Davidson’s spring style cam chain tensioners were a complete disappointment to say the least! Eventually, Harley began suggesting that…

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  • 27:33

    Remove Harley Cams and Lifter Block Covers

    Before beginning to open up the cam compartment, it is important to disconnect your battery ground cable and to drain your motor oil. When the motor work is complete, it is important to start with fresh, clean oil. Also, draining the motor oil before disassembly will result in less oil running out of the Harley…

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Carburetor Rebuildview all >>>

  • Harley Carburetor Troubleshooting | Fix My Hog

    Harley Carburetor Troubleshooting

    Bob’s at the bench with your Harley carburetor troubleshooting questions. He gives his suggestions on where to start when you are having fuel delivery issues. He also gets into other issues that might be the issue for a “stumbling” motorcycle. Watch how to rebuild your carburetor with our Carburetor Rebuild Class.

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  • 6:04

    CV Performance Products Review

    Bob LaRosa provides us a video review of the CV Performance replacement parts for the Harley Carburetor. CV Performance helps riders like yourself achieve the full performance potential of your Harley and American V-Twin motorcycle with their quality CVP brand products. CV Performance manufactures the Original EZ-Just mixture screw, slide needles, jets, the latest design…

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  • Stock Harley Carburetor Tear Down

    Stock Harley Carburetor Tear Down

    Bob LaRosa brings us through the clean-up and tear down of a stock Harley carburetor. Take you time and work clean. Make sure all debris is cleaned off carb before you start to remove any parts. As you remove the parts, set them aside and mark them for reference before you start to rebuild the…

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Electrical Systemsview all >>>

  • 21:41

    Harley Davidson Stator Removal

    How do you know if your charging system, which consists of the Harley Davidson stator and rotor, is functioning properly? Mike walks us through the process of a full charging system test, along with the removal of a complete Harley Davidson stator and rotor assembly on a Twin Cam touring model. If your Harley Davidson’s…

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  • 26:03

    Harley Davidson Stator Replacement

    Overview of Harley Davidson Stator Replacement Have you determined that your charging system was not functioning properly? In this video, Mike walks us through the process of a full charging system test, along with the removal of a complete charging system on a Twin Cam touring model. He demonstrates the stator replacement with a 50…

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  • harley davidson ignition coil

    Harley Davidson Ignition Coil Test

    In this video Bob takes a look at the Harley Davidson ignition coil. Anatomy of the Harley Ignition Coil The coil consists of two windings of wire, the primary and the secondary. The primary receives 12 volts from the motorcycle and allows voltage to build; transferring voltage to the secondary winding where voltage is increased…

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Handlebars 101view all >>>

  • LA Choppers Handlebars - Mini Apes Overview

    LA Choppers Handlebars – Mini Apes Overview

    This class on handlebar installation has been on our list for sometime. We had the chance to do it right with LA Choppers handlebars and Dennis Kirk. Check out over 4 hours and 30 minutes of Harley Handlebar How-To. Click here to get started. Overview of LA Choppers Chrome 13 in. Ape Hanger 1 1/2…

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  • Harley Handlebars Removal - Lights & Nacelle

    Harley Handlebars Removal – Lights & Nacelle

    Bob LaRosa and Mark DiPietro start this project that focuses on removing Harley handlebars. They start with removing the headlight, passing lamps and the nacelle. Follow along with them and continue the project with the next video on removing the housings, master cylinder and brake lines. Next Video: Handlebar Controls Master Cylinder Brake Line Removal.

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  • Harley Clutch Cable and Handlebar Removal

    Handlebar Controls, Master Cylinder and Brake Line Removal

    Moving along with the ape hanger installation Bob and Mark remove the handlebar controls, master cylinder and brake lines. As always, take your time mark out what you removed, even take a picture our two. We will not be reusing the Harley handlebars you will be re-using the Harley controls. Next Video: Clutch Cable and…

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Harley 5 Speed Transmission Projectview all >>>

  • Harley Throw Out Bearing

    Harley Throw Out Bearing

    On the right side of your Harley, behind the transmission side cover (aka clutch end cover) you will find the transmission door bearings. These two bearings are critical as they support the heavy load at the end of the transmission main and and counter shafts. Failure It is not uncommon for these bearings to eventually…

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  • Jims Transmission Fat 5 Overview

    Jims Transmission Fat 5 Overview

    Bob LaRosa introduces us to another Fix My Hog Video Class. We will be installing a Jims transmission. During the video we will show a Jims Fat 5 Overdrove install. No matter if you are servicing your transmission or doing an upgrade this class reviews the step by step process of removing the transmission and…

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  • Harley Rear Tire, Drive Pulley and Inner Race Removal

    Harley Rear Tire, Drive Pulley and Inner Race Removal

    To start this project and save some time we removed the exhaust and primary drive. If you are not familiar with those procedures, please review the related video links. Bob starts the transmission project by removing the Harley rear tire, drive pulley and inner race. Next Video in Class: Harley Shifter Fork Removal Related Videos:…

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Harley 6 Speed Transmission Rebuildview all >>>

  • 20:51

    Harley 6 Speed Transmission Rebuild – Part 1

    5 Speed had a Long Run The Harley Davidson five speed transmission ran from the early eighties until 2006 depending on the Big Twin model. In 2007 Harley Davidson Big Twin transmissions had undergone a makeover which took us from five gears to the Harley 6 speed transmission. Better, But… The Harley 6 speed transmission…

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  • 13:23

    Harley 6 Speed Transmission Rebuild – Part 2

    We move over to the right side of the motorcycle as we continue with the disassembly of our Harley 6 speed transmission. Do Not Snap The Dipstick Start by removing the transmission fill plug / dipstick. Not only will the transmission need to be refilled, but the dipstick will keep you from being able to…

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  • 18:15

    Harley Six Speed Transmission Rebuild – Part 3

    The Harley six speed transmission is on the workbench for disassembly, cleaning, and inspection. Door Bearings With the Harley six speed transmission door cleaned, we can press two new bearings into place. Be sure to correctly support the aluminum door and only press on the outer race of the bearings. Doing otherwise can compromise or…

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Paint Your Harleyview all >>>

  • Harley Davidson Rear Fender Removal

    Harley Davidson Rear Fender Removal

    In this video, Bob and Mark walk us through Harley Davidson rear fender removal. Preperation Whenever you are handling painted components, you should be working with a second set of hands. It is important to use painters tape to protect any areas of the fender that may make contact with another surface. Also, never begin…

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  • How to Remove a Harley Front Fender | Fix My Hog

    Harley Front Fender Removal

    In this video Bob and Mark walk us through Harley front fender removal. This procedure will be similar on most Harley-Davidsons. There are a number of reasons you may need to remove your front fender. The most common reasons would be to replace your fork seals, removing your lower sliders to replace with chrome, or…

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  • Harley Front Fender Hardware Removal | Fix My Hog

    Harley Front Fender Hardware Removal

    If you want to paint your Harley you will need to remove your fenders and remove all of your harley front fender hardware. In this video Bob shows us how to remove the fender spears and badges on the Softail Deluxe front fender. Whether you are having your fender repaired, or having it sent off…

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Harley Frame Swapview all >>>

  • Softail Shock

    Softail Shock Maintenance & Rebuild

    Down and Gets Dirty The Softail shock is one of the most neglected components on a Harley Davidson. Although not easy to access, the shock assembly does require regular maintenance. The design of this shock assembly allows for it to accumulate road debris. The front side of the shock assembly has a number of (aprox…

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  • Harley Oil

    Harley Oil Tank Removal

    Time to get this oil tank out of our way so we can continue moving towards removing the engine and transmission on this Twin Cam. Oil Lines Loosen and remove all related hardware and brackets. With the oil tank loose, you can begin pulling the oil lines from the engine crankcase. Do so, by simply…

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  • Harley Primary Drive

    Twin Cam Harley Primary Drive Removal

    Let’s pull the Harley primary drive on this Twin Cam. We have filmed drive removal and installation on a number of models. This time we are working on a 2002 Softail. We are removing the drive so that we can remove the transmission and motor as we make our way to stripping this m/c down…

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Harley Clutch Assembly Upgradeview all >>>

  • Harley Clutch Basket

    Harley Clutch Basket Failure Solution

    We love companies like Barnett because they get in front of an OEM problem and solve it fast. Let’s take a look at the Harley clutch basket on Twin Cam models from 2007 and later. The basket can break and / or start to crack. When you are servicing the primary, do thorough visual inspection…

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  • Barnett Clutch

    Barnett Clutch

    With the 2013 Street Bob clutch assembly on the bench, we have a clear view of the clutch basket, hub, Harley clutch pack and bearing. We also have the opportunity to see the difference between Harley’s stock assembly and the Barnett clutch assembly. Built Strong The Barnett assembly is visually tougher and actually has a…

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  • Harley Clutch

    Harley Clutch Basket Removal

    Bob gives us a great view and demonstration of the drive assembly on this 2013 Street Bob. This drive assembly has changed tremendously over the years but the concept has remained the same. Weak Basket Material Although there have been improvements and upgrades made to this assembly, Harley has left us with a weak Harley…

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Harley Cafe Racer Buildview all >>>

  • 11:18

    Harley Cafe Racer Build Introduction

    Welcome to our Harley Cafe Racer Build. The MoCo, mothership Harley-Davidson, is working to get more people on 2 wheels and obviously a Harley. They have a 10-year plan to bring in 2 million riders. The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) has also joined in the rally to bring more riders on board, no matter which…

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  • 15:00

    Cafe Racer Parts and Plan

    The fun part: Cafe Racer parts and, of course, a plan. Whether you are planning a mild customization, a radical customization, or a full restoration of your Harley Davidson; it is of utmost importance that you start off by creating a plan. For most of us, the first step is to determine your budget. If…

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  • 29:03

    Harley Shop Essentials

    Tommy is gearing up for a big tear down and customization of our 2000 XL to a Harley Cafe Racer. In preparation, Tommy reviews Harley shop essentials, tools and materials that will be needed along the way. Safety is of utmost importance in your Harley shop. Eye and face protection, respirators, gloves, and appropriate clothing…

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Knucklehead Buildview all >>>

  • 11:35

    Knucklehead Harley Build Part 5: Assembly

    Kevin is ready to begin reassembly on the Knucklehead Harley. Once again, he points out that this particular project is not to be considered a full restoration. The bike is based on a1947 Knucklehead Harley engine and a Knucklehead frame. However, the overall form and style of the motorcycle will not look the same as…

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  • 7:20

    Knucklehead Chopper Tear Down Part 4: Knucklehead Handlebars

    Tear down of our Knucklehead is nearly complete. Kevin has already removed the fuel tank, the oil tank, the primary drive, the engine, the transmission, the controls, and more. We are down to the bare bones and are now left with only a rolling chassis. The frame is still safely supported and is set securely…

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  • 45:24

    Knucklehead Motor Removal: Part 3

    In this video, Kevin Baas moves along with the disassembly of his Knucklehead. He starts off by removing the top Knucklehead motor mount, keeping hardware and motor mount shims together. Two of the top motor mounts bracket mounting points secure directly onto the intake rocker arm assemblies. The oil tank and rear fender share mounting…

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