• 21:41

    Harley Davidson Stator Removal

    How do you know if your charging system, which consists of the Harley Davidson stator and rotor, is functioning properly? Mike walks us through the process of a full charging system test, along with the removal of a complete Harley Davidson stator and rotor assembly on a Twin Cam touring model. If your Harley Davidson’s…

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  • 26:03

    Harley Davidson Stator Replacement

    Overview of Harley Davidson Stator Replacement Have you determined that your charging system was not functioning properly? In this video, Mike walks us through the process of a full charging system test, along with the removal of a complete charging system on a Twin Cam touring model. He demonstrates the stator replacement with a 50…

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  • harley davidson ignition coil

    Harley Davidson Ignition Coil Test

    In this video Bob takes a look at the Harley Davidson ignition coil. Anatomy of the Harley Ignition Coil The coil consists of two windings of wire, the primary and the secondary. The primary receives 12 volts from the motorcycle and allows voltage to build; transferring voltage to the secondary winding where voltage is increased…

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  • 2:27

    Harley Cruise Control Diagnostics

    If your Harley cruise control has an issue, there is an interactive cruise diagnostic test that can be performed on the motorcycle without the need or aid of any diagnostic service scan tools or computer. The Harley cruise control function is governed by the motorcycle’s ECM. The ECM monitors the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) to…

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  • Harley Brake Switch Diagnosis

    Harley Brake Switch Diagnosis

    What do you do when it’s pouring outside and your brake light stays on? You dive into the electrical issue with a Haynes repair manual so you can head of for a safe ride when the weather clears. Bob LaRosa has reviewed the brake light switch issues at the handlebars and underneath the transmission clutch…

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  • How To Replace Brake Light Switch

    How to Replace Brake Light Switch on a Harley

    One very common problem and a question we receive often is, “Why is my brake light not working?” Why? A majority of the time, the brake light is actually stuck on. This, most typically, is an indication that your front brake light switch is misaligned or broken. There are a few common ways a front…

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  • Harley Breakout Box

    Harley Breakout Box

    The Harley breakout box is meant to be used in conjunction with a scan tool and a flow chart from your electrical manual. It interfaces with your main harness and ECM to allow a technician to pinpoint individual circuits within your motorcycle. The Harley breakout box allows for voltage, ohms, and continuity testing of specific…

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  • Harley Scan Tool

    Harley Scan Tool Demo

    Searching and researching trouble codes is often the first and easiest step when it comes to diagnosing an issue with your Harley Davidson. We have already showed you how to pull up possible codes through your speedometer head; but then what? Often times further diagnostics and conclusions can be accomplished with just a test light…

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  • Push Pull Test

    Harley Starter Push Pull Test

    Here is a commonly overlooked test procedure that has been in every Harley-Davidson service manual for decades. Known as the push pull test; this is a quick test should be administered anytime your starter motor is in question. This is a simple, three part test that will determine whether or not your solenoid is in…

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