Overview of Motorcycle Electrical Systems

Duration: 2:41

Most people would rather tear into an engine than have to deal with wiring. Our experts decided to break out the books and provide us with all the basics of electricity as it pertains to our motorcycles. We will cover a lot in this class and the beauty of it is that you can stop, fast forward and review any topic at any time.

Here are the topics for this class:

Simplifying Electricity
Matter & Atoms
Know The Flow & Magnetism
Voltage & Amperage
Resistance & Conductors
Ohm’s Law
Watt’s Law
Tools & Instruments
Starter / Sprag Clutch Replacement
Evolution of Batteries
Proper Soldering Techniques
Charging System Diagnosis
Tip on Testing the Starter
Coils, Plugs & Wires

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2 Responses to “Overview of Motorcycle Electrical Systems”
  1. Jim

    I just signed up and have a question. I have a ’95 Harley Ultra Classic 30th Anniv. Edition. Sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t start – the electronic fuel pump can not be heard priming the system. I usually keep turning the ignition switch off and on repeatedly and eventually it starts. The Harley shop can’t find the problem. It always works when they get it – of course. I am worried about taking any long rides with my wife due ti this problem. Can you help me, Please?