• 5:25

    M8 Adjustable Rocker Arms

    Mike brings our attention to adjustable rocker arms for the M8. A topic that will become increasingly more common for Milwaukee Eight owners who establish fifty thousand miles and higher. Harley’s four valve head has two rocker arms that control two valves each. One rocker arm controls a pair of intake valves and one arm…

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  • 7:40

    What is the Best Cam for M8 114 or 107

    What’s the best cam for M8 114, 107, or 117? Our friend Mike Roen is getting prepared to take us, step by step, through the process of a S&S performance cam upgrade on this M8 Softail. Whether your bike has a 107, 114, or 117 cui motor, this procedure pertains to all M8 Harley Davidson…

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  • 15:47

    How to Remove an M8 Cam

    How do you remove an M8 cam? Mike shows us how with our M8 Softail strapped to the lift and is prepared to begin the M8 Cam tear down procedures for our S&S cam upgrade. The complete exhaust system and air cleaner assemblies have been removed prior to filming. Mike reminds us of the procedure…

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  • 17:47

    Harley M8 Cam Removal Continued

    Mike has the pushrods and the Harley M8 cam cover removed and is ready to move on with disassembly for our S&S cam upgrade. Next in line are the front and rear lifter covers. A 3/16″ Allen is needed to remove the securing hardware. A wobble, or ball Allen will be needed in order to…

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  • 41:40

    M8 Oil Pump Upgrade

    Before we get to the M8 oil pump and S&S cam, there are two crucial things that need to be addressed. First, it is vitally important to measure the crankshaft run-out. A dial indicator is needed to take this measurement. For 2007 and later Harley Davidsons, the run-out should not exceed .012″. Twelve thousandths is…

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  • 47:57

    S&S Quickee Pushrods, Lifters, Cuffs Install

    Mike has the cam chest completely assembled. He is now ready to move forward and install the S&S lifters and S&S Quickee pushrods. The lifters have a side oil passage. It does not matter if the passage faces in or out. However, if lifters are being re-used, it is important that they are returned to…

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  • 5:44

    M8 Harley Oil Pressure Relief Valve

    Here is a great tech tip that Mike demonstrates for any members who are working in their cam compartment. It is always a good habit to remove, clean, and inspect the M8 Harley oil pressure relief valve any time work is being performed within the cam compartment. Especially, if there had previously been some type…

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