• 4:32

    Harley Twin Cam Oil Pressure Relief Valve

    Here is a great tech tip that Mike demonstrates for any members that are working in their Twin Cam, cam compartment. It is always a good habit to remove, clean, and inspect the Twin Cam oil pressure relief valve any time a cam plate is removed. Especially, if there had previously been some type of…

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  • 15:55

    Cam Chain to Cam Gear Conversion Introduction and Tools

    Mike gives us an overview of what goes into a Twin Cam cam compartment inspection and upgrade of the cam chain tensioner chain. As many of us are already well aware, from 2000 to 2006, Harley Davidson’s spring style cam chain tensioners were a complete disappointment to say the least! Eventually, Harley began suggesting that…

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  • 27:33

    Remove Harley Cams and Lifter Block Covers

    Before beginning to open up the cam compartment, it is important to disconnect your battery ground cable and to drain your motor oil. When the motor work is complete, it is important to start with fresh, clean oil. Also, draining the motor oil before disassembly will result in less oil running out of the Harley…

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  • 12:07

    Remove Inner Tensioner from Cam Plate

    Disassembling the Cam Plate With the cam plate removed and the tensioners retracted, remove the cam plate bearing retainer by removing four small torx head screws. The retainer can be discarded if it is not going to be reused for your particular job. A hydraulic press or arbor press should be used to press out…

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  • 2:55

    Check Harley Pinion Shaft Runout

    When considering a gear drive cam chest assembly, the Harley pinion shaft runout becomes extremely important. The manufacturer of a gear drive assembly will always specify a maximum allowance for Harley pinion shaft runout. This allowance should not exceed .003″. It is very important to heed the manufacturer’s instruction and warning. If a gear drive…

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  • 10:49

    Inner Cam Bearing Removal and Replacement

    It is imperative that the inner cam bearing removal is done and they are replaced whenever performing maintenance, repairs, or upgrades to your Twin Cam cam compartment. A specialty tool is needed to, both, cam bearing removal and to replace the cam bearings. Do not attempt replacing these cam bearings without using a tool that…

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  • 11:26

    Installing Cam Bearings

    There is a specialty cam bearing tool that can be used to press the new bearings into the Harley cam plate. The cam bearing tool is meant to be used in conjunction with a hydraulic or arbor press. It is not a big problem if the speciality cam bearing tool is too expensive or not…

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  • 4:38

    Twin Cam Oil Pump Installation

    Whether you are reusing the stock Twin Cam oil pump or upgrading the oil pump, it is very important to thoroughly clean, identify, and inspect all Twin Cam oil pump pieces before assembling the unit and installing it into the bottom end of the motor. The Twin Cam oil pump is a relatively simple assembly…

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  • 10:29

    Installing a Cam Plate Assembly

    The oil pump can be completely assembled on the bench or piece by piece over the pinion shaft. Either way is fine as long as it is assembled with plenty of assembly lube or clean oil and there is never any binding. Install the oil pump o-ring into its location in the crankcase. This o-ring…

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