• 20:51

    Harley 6 Speed Transmission Rebuild – Part 1

    5 Speed had a Long Run The Harley Davidson five speed transmission ran from the early eighties until 2006 depending on the Big Twin model. In 2007 Harley Davidson Big Twin transmissions had undergone a makeover which took us from five gears to the Harley 6 speed transmission. Better, But… The Harley 6 speed transmission…

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  • 13:23

    Harley 6 Speed Transmission Rebuild – Part 2

    We move over to the right side of the motorcycle as we continue with the disassembly of our Harley 6 speed transmission. Do Not Snap The Dipstick Start by removing the transmission fill plug / dipstick. Not only will the transmission need to be refilled, but the dipstick will keep you from being able to…

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  • 18:15

    Harley Six Speed Transmission Rebuild – Part 3

    The Harley six speed transmission is on the workbench for disassembly, cleaning, and inspection. Door Bearings With the Harley six speed transmission door cleaned, we can press two new bearings into place. Be sure to correctly support the aluminum door and only press on the outer race of the bearings. Doing otherwise can compromise or…

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  • 16:49

    Harley Six Speed Transmission Rebuild – Part 4

    If you have dismantled your Harley six speed transmission to this point, it is probably because you need to replace your Harley main drive gear bearing (sixth gear). Speciality Tool At this point, the main drive gear needs to be removed. To remove this gear, a specialty tool is needed. The tool pulls the gear…

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  • 14:49

    Harley Six Speed Transmission Rebuild – Part 5

    We are almost ready to install our Harley 6 speed gear set back into the transmission case. At this point, inspect your shifter pawl assembly. If the splines on the shift shaft are worn or stripped, it is of utmost importance that the assembly is replaced now, before moving forward. The shift pawl assembly is…

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