• Harley Carburetor Troubleshooting | Fix My Hog

    Harley Carburetor Troubleshooting

    Bob’s at the bench with your Harley carburetor troubleshooting questions. He gives his suggestions on where to start when you are having fuel delivery issues. He also gets into other issues that might be the issue for a “stumbling” motorcycle. Watch how to rebuild your carburetor with our Carburetor Rebuild Class.

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  • 6:04

    CV Performance Products Review

    Bob LaRosa provides us a video review of the CV Performance replacement parts for the Harley Carburetor. CV Performance helps riders like yourself achieve the full performance potential of your Harley and American V-Twin motorcycle with their quality CVP brand products. CV Performance manufactures the Original EZ-Just mixture screw, slide needles, jets, the latest design…

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  • Stock Harley Carburetor Tear Down

    Stock Harley Carburetor Tear Down

    Bob LaRosa brings us through the clean-up and tear down of a stock Harley carburetor. Take you time and work clean. Make sure all debris is cleaned off carb before you start to remove any parts. As you remove the parts, set them aside and mark them for reference before you start to rebuild the…

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  • Harley Carburetor Rebuild

    Harley Carburetor Rebuild

    With the stock carb broken down and on the bench, Bob LaRosa will now walk us through the stock Harley carburetor rebuild. You will need the right jets for your set-up. You will need all new gaskets and your parts laid out on the bench and ready to install. Work clean and take your time.…

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  • S&S Carb Removal

    S&S Carb Removal

    This video series shows you how to remove an S&S Carb and how to rebuild it. Bob LaRosa removes the S&S tear drop cover, the filter, breather bolts, backing plate, VOES tube, throttle cables, and intake bolts. Cover you chrome surface to keep this a rebuild not a repair procedure. View all S&S videos in…

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  • S&S Super E

    S&S Super E Carb Tear Down

    This video series shows you how to remove an S&S Super E Carb and how to rebuild it. Bob LaRosa has the carb on the bench and gives it a good cleaning before tearing it down. He removes the inlet nipple (we will update it), drain plug, float bowl, jets, and all pieces of the…

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  • S&S Carburetor Rebuild

    S&S Carburetor Rebuild

    This video series shows you how to remove an S&S Carburetor and how to rebuild it. Bob LaRosa, lines up all the new parts from the rebuild kit and compares them to old before he puts it all back together. Take your time and do it right. View all S&S videos in this class: S&S…

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  • Carb, Intake, and S&S Air Cleaner Install

    Carb, Intake, and S&S Air Cleaner Install

    This video series shows you how to remove an S&S air cleaner and carburetor and how to rebuild it. Bob LaRosa, has the carb rebuilt and now installs the gaskets and intake manifold. From there the carb body goes on, backing plate, air cleaner and tear drop cover. You will need: 1/4″ & 3/8″ long,…

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  • Carburetor Jet Kit & Thunderslide

    Carburetor Jet Kit & Thunderslide

    Bob removes a stock Harley-Davidson CV carburetor and brings it to a bench for a jet kit and thunderslide install. With the skills of a surgeon Bob walks us through taking apart the CV carburetor, installing a new jet and thunderslide. Take your time watch him work through it a few times before you go to it. After seeing him do it, you’ll know why he likes carburetors instead of EFI.

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