• LA Choppers Handlebars - Mini Apes Overview

    This class on handlebar installation has been on our list for sometime. We had the chance to do it right with LA Choppers handlebars and Dennis Kirk. Check out over 4 hours and 30 minutes of Harley Handlebar How-To. Click here to get started. Overview of LA Choppers Chrome 13 in. Ape Hanger 1 1/2…

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  • Harley Handlebars Removal - Lights & Nacelle

    Bob LaRosa and Mark DiPietro start this project that focuses on removing Harley handlebars. They start with removing the headlight, passing lamps and the nacelle. Follow along with them and continue the project with the next video on removing the housings, master cylinder and brake lines. Next Video: Handlebar Controls Master Cylinder Brake Line Removal.

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  • Harley Clutch Cable and Handlebar Removal

    Moving along with the ape hanger installation Bob and Mark remove the handlebar controls, master cylinder and brake lines. As always, take your time mark out what you removed, even take a picture our two. We will not be reusing the Harley handlebars you will be re-using the Harley controls. Next Video: Clutch Cable and…

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  • Handlebar Controls, Master Cylinder and Brake Line Removal

    The LA Choppers Ape Hangers will be taller than the stock Harley handlebars so we will need to remove the stock Harley clutch cable to get ready for a new one. Finally the handlebars come off with the handlebar risers and expose the bushings. Learn how to install new Harley handlebar riser bushings in our…

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  • Harley Handlebar Riser Bushings Replacement

    Are your handlebars loose? In this expert video, we teach you how to replace Harley handlebar riser bushings. With all these removal steps complete, our experts are ready to start prepping the LA Choppers 13in ape hanger 1 1/2 in. Tree Hugger handlebar for installation. Next Video: 13 Ape Hangers Internal Wiring Stock Harness Pin…

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  • 13 in Ape Hangers Internal Wiring - Stock Harness Pin Removal

    Internal wiring for ape hangers can be tricky. Identify your left and right-hand side controls and the wire location in the plugs. Write down the wire color and locations in case you get called away from the project. We can now reach into the center of the connection and unlock it and remove each wire…

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  • Harley Handlebar Wire Extension - Soldering Staggered Connections

    Harley Handlebar Wire Extension is needed when adding apes to your motorcycle. Let’s review soldering connections.  Next video: Extending Stock Wiring Harness – Heat Shrink

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  • Extending Stock Wiring Harness - Heat Shrink

    Extending stock wiring harness will include using heat shrink to make the staggered connection secure and strong. The heat shrink also reduces the size of the wiring harness so you can feed it through the handlebars. Next Video: Pulling Wires Through Ape Hangers

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  • Tips on Extending Your Handlebar Wires

    Here is an expert video showing tips for extending your handlebar wires. Bob LaRosa reviews the do’s and don’ts for making a solid connection. Always have all the tools and products you need before you start your project.

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