• Harley Clutch Basket

    Harley Clutch Basket Failure Solution

    We love companies like Barnett because they get in front of an OEM problem and solve it fast. Let’s take a look at the Harley clutch basket on Twin Cam models from 2007 and later. The basket can break and / or start to crack. When you are servicing the primary, do thorough visual inspection…

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  • Barnett Clutch

    Barnett Clutch

    With the 2013 Street Bob clutch assembly on the bench, we have a clear view of the clutch basket, hub, Harley clutch pack and bearing. We also have the opportunity to see the difference between Harley’s stock assembly and the Barnett clutch assembly. Built Strong The Barnett assembly is visually tougher and actually has a…

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  • Harley Clutch

    Harley Clutch Basket Removal

    Bob gives us a great view and demonstration of the drive assembly on this 2013 Street Bob. This drive assembly has changed tremendously over the years but the concept has remained the same. Weak Basket Material Although there have been improvements and upgrades made to this assembly, Harley has left us with a weak Harley…

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  • Scorpion Clutch

    Scorpion Clutch Prep

    OE A factory clutch works fine with its factory components. When a motor is built up, the increase in power places more force on the original equipment (OE) clutch plates and overall clutch assembly. As a result, a clutch can start to slip. This is when the clutch plates do not correctly engage. The most…

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  • Harley Ring Gear

    Harley Ring Gear

    While the clutches are soaking, Bob moves on and installs the Barnett Scorpion ring gear onto the Scorpion clutch basket. The Scorpion ring gear conversion kits are precision machined from 8620 steel then heat treated and case hardened. This Harley ring gear replacement will fit your OEM basket if not upgrading to the Scorpion basket.…

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  • Harley Clutch Bearing

    Harley Clutch Bearing Replacement

    Pressing Time to install our new Harley clutch bearing into the Barnett clutch basket. You will need a hydraulic or arbor press to complete this step. A hydraulic press may make pressing somewhat easier, but you have to be careful. It can sometimes be hard to feel what you are actually doing. An arbor press…

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  • Clutch Hub

    Clutch Hub Install

    When pressing your clutch hub into the clutch basket bearing, set up is of utmost importance. Take time setting up your press. A little extra time spent now may save a lot of aggravation later, should something not work out or break. Use the Right Plug You will need a press plug on the bottom…

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  • Harley Compensator Sprocket

    Harley Compensator Sprocket Review

    What Does It Do? The compensator sprocket dampens (reduces) torsional vibration created by the crankshaft so it is not transmitted through the drivetrain causing rider discomfort and premature component wear. – Not our words but; this is a simple, clear definition of the component that Bob breaks down for us here. What are the Parts?…

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  • Scorpion Clutch

    Scorpion Clutch Assembly

    In this video, Bob completes the Barnett Scorpion clutch assembly. The compensator sprocket assembly has been locked and torqued according to factory specifications. The primary chain adjuster is installed and the clutch hub/basket is in position and ready to be torqued. The Scorpion clutch pack is straightforward and effortless to assemble. First, install the flat,…

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