• 16:02

    Harley Sportster Cafe Racer Build Recap

    Dennis re-joins Tommy after some time away from the camera and reviews what has been done since we tore the Harley Sportster apart and what we have in store for the Harley Sportster Cafe Racer Build. They talk about the importance of the design, plan and budget. Don’t get in over your head on any…

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  • 14:50

    Powder Coated Parts Install

    All of our powder coated parts orders have been received back from our powder coater. We are anxious to begin the assembly process on our XL, Cafe Racer Project. You’ll notice we have powder coated parts that are black at 60% and a wrinkle black. We have a few reasons we powder coated some of…

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  • 30:16

    Sportster Primary Drive and Clutch Install

    We removed the outer Sportster primary drive cover to have it powered coated. Before reinstalling the Sportster primary drive, we couldn’t help ourselves. We had to install another Barnett Scorpion clutch assembly and Barnett clutch cable. Please watch our 90 Minute Barnett Scorpion Clutch, step-by-step, 5-part install series before you attempt to install your own.…

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  • 47:41

    Sportster Front End Installation Part 1

    Tommy is ready to begin assembly of the Sportster front end on our Harley Cafe Racer project. The stock, Sportster front end, lower sliders have been powder coated and the fork tube assemblies have been completely rebuilt with new upper and lower bushings and fork seals. A Burly lowering kit is installed to lower our…

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  • 55:16

    Sportster Front End Installation Part 2

    We are moving right along with our Sportster Cafe Racer build. Before getting back into the front end, Tommy takes the time to install the powder coated regulator cover as well as the stock horn which has been relocated from the left side of the motorcycle to the front of the motorcycle. It was necessary…

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  • 25:38

    S & S Super E Installation

    An S & S Super E carburetor is an excellent upgrade to any carbureted Harley Davidson. This S & S Super E carburetor is not only a noticeable performance upgrade but when combined with the S & S Muscle Air Cleaner assembly, the assembly also looks amazing. In this video, Tommy installs a black S…

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  • 1:00:22

    Sportster Swingarm and Lighting Install

    Tommy is ready to begin assembly of the rear end with the black powder coated Sportster swingarm. Prior to reinstalling the Sportster swingarm, the bearings need to be cleaned and re-packed. If bearings were in less than perfect condition, it is important to replace the bearings and races before proceeding. Tommy installs the freshly packed…

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  • 25:51

    Bassani Xhaust Install

    Tommy is ready for the Bassani Xhaust Road Rage, 2 into 1 exhaust system install on our Sportster. With new exhaust gaskets installed at the heads and oxygen sensor plugs already installed, Tommy begins by installing the Bassani Xhaust bracket. The bracket is mounted to the lower, right side, frame with the provided hardware. With…

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  • 44:30

    Cafe Racer Gas Tank Install and Start

    Before we put on the Cafe Racer gas tank we take a look at our build. Our Sportster now Harley Cafe Racer has come a long way since Tommy first rolled it into the shop. Not only has it gone through a drastic physical transformation, but it has also gained some serious performance upgrades. You’ve…

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