Harley Davidson Oil Change

Q: Hi there,

I’m a customer of yours (a few dvd’s). I’m hoping to get your valued opinion on a recent issue…

2005 Screamin Eagle Electra Glide. Last service, dude left it low on oil. In a rush, I mistakenly dumped an entire quart of oil in it, (thinking it’d be ok even if 1/4 qt too much). Well, I was wrong, because after a long-ish hi-rpm ride, the back of the motor, brakes, rear wheel, etc were soaked. So, I cleaned everything, then changed the oil (and filter) with 4 fresh qts of Syn3. Thought problem was solved, but after another ride, clean fresh oil making a puddle on top of the transmission case, and of course, back of bike (brakes, wheel, etc) are soaked again. I even pulled off the air filter. There was a sheen from oil, but no real mess at all. I was under the impression that overfilled crankcase oil would come out the breather (which is fine), but now that it’s got exactly 4 quarts again in it, why is it still blowing out oil? Could I have ruined some seals or gaskets elsewhere, (kind’a like having too much blood pressure?).. Any clues. Really nice bike…I’m nervous now.

Thanks VERY much in advance!
Dave L

A:Dave, if you are still dumping 4 entire quarts into your bike; you may still be over filling the system. You need to purchase 4 quarts of oil for a Harley Davidson oil change on a 2005 Electra Glide, but rarely will you need to use more than 3 1/2 or 3 3/4 quarts for only an oil change. Usually, like you said, an over filled system will leak from the top breather (or sometimes blow out your fill plug). As for where this oil is coming from; you are going to have to play a little detective. Remember: the oil will always be making it’s way from top to bottom and front to back. However, first thing we would check is to see if your transmission is overfilled. An overfilled Transmission will leak out of the transmission vent and will make the area you described wet with fluid. See if the vent line is wet at the end. Good luck.

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Hi my 2010 fatboy had oil change done and has been over filled by half a litre picked up from workshop and did a 300 km ride when I got home checked it over and its overfull.

A: That is not really a big deal. However, it can be messy if oil begins to push by your oil fill plug while riding. Remove your oil drain plug and drain out what is necessary to have the correct oil level for your bike.

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