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  • Harley Davidson Mount

    In this video, Bob and Mark are minutes away from removing the transmission, and later, the motor on the Softail. Let’s look at right side engine mount removal. More Room As many Hoggers already know; you can also be preparing to remove, only, the motor at this point. It is possible to remove the motor… Read more »

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  • Harley Engine Mount

    On the left side, we are just about ready to begin unbolting the transmission and motor from the Twin Cam Softail. All of the wiring harness has already been disconnected. We have removed the throttle cables from the carburetor and the clutch cable from the clutch perch. The clutch cable will be removed entirely along… Read more »

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  • Stripping Motorcycle

    We are getting closer to having the Twin Cam Softail stripped down to it’s bare frame. As Bob moves forward, there are a few important stripping motorcycle tips that remain constant: Take pictures – A couple of seconds it will take you to snap a quick photo may save you hours of aggravation upon reassembly…. Read more »

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  • harley project rushmore

    Everyone is excited about the Harley Project Rushmore Twin Cooled 103ci. The excitement does not exclude Bob, Mark, Dennis, and the rest of us at Fix My Hog. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on one of these bikes. Now, we want to show you what we’ve learned. Form and Function Collide In this… Read more »

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  • harley-battery-removal-009129f_Y0A62u_c

    In this video Bob goes through Harley seat and Harley battery removal on the 103, Twin Cooled, High Output, Rushmore bike. You should begin every service, or repair with Harley Battery removal and Harley seat removal. The most important part would be disconnecting the battery negative cable. Off With the Seat Harley seat removal is… Read more »

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  • Harley Davidson Transmission Fluid

    In this video, we go through changing transmission fluid on the Rushmore, Twin Cooled 103. This service point is straightforward, with very few steps but it is of utmost importance that it is completed correctly. Underfilling, or overfilling your transmission can cause serious problems for your motorcycle. Start by removing your transmission fill plug/dipstick from… Read more »

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  • Harley Valve Replacement

    I Still Have a Carburetor! Every carbureted Harley Davidson has a Harley fuel valve or aftermarket one. This valve allows the rider to control the on/off delivery of fuel to the carburetor. The fuel valve also has a reserve position that helps the rider to monitor fuel quantity, and can be used as a fail… Read more »

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  • Motorcycle Compression Test

    Know Before You Invest In this video, Bob takes us through a compression test on a Twin Cam motor. The motorcycle in this video has sustained damage due to an accident. It is already known that the frame will need to be replaced. It is, also, important to know the status of the motor before… Read more »

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  • Harley Top End Removal

    Top End Removal In this video, Mike Roen takes us through Harley top end disassembly on a Twin Cam. As always, review your service manual before attempting a labor intensive job, such as this. Also, refer to your manual as you work. Stay Organized It is important to have a clean, safe area prepared for… Read more »

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  • Harley Horsepower

    We wrapped up our three part Harley horsepower upgrade project during a summer rainstorm; so you will have to excuse our audio on this short clip. We figured; what better, to drown out the sound of rain, than hearing this motorcycle fire up with it’s new Cobra exhaust system! With the air cleaner assembly, Fi2000… Read more »

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  • Cobra Exhaust

    We have already installed a fuel management system and performance air cleaner assembly on this motorcycle. The last segment of our three part performance upgrade is the installation of the Cobra exhaust system, including Cobra’s PowrPort Crossover. Lay Everything Out Before beginning installation, inspect any parts, or hardware that are to be reused. Exhaust flanges… Read more »

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  • Harley Fuel Tank

    Easier Than Before Harley fuel tank install has become easier over the years. On this 6 gallon Ultra tank, there are no fuel line clamps to deal with; nor is there a fuel line crossover. However, you still need to plan ahead, take your time, and work clean. And, as always, try to utilize a… Read more »

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  • JIMS Fork Filling Tool

    In this video, Bob introduces one of his shop’s new, favorite tools. The JIMS Fork Filling Tool #740. Save Time What makes this tool so valuable, is the labor time it will save you when performing a fork fluid change on a touring model Harley Davidson. Changing the fork fluid on models with fairings can… Read more »

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  • Clymer Manuals Online

    Bob LaRosa gives us a Clymer manuals online demonstration as he logs on to find out where a non-labeled wire goes. I’m sure this has happened to you. By some miracle you have some free time during the week or even on a weekend to work on your motorcycle. You have an issue that has… Read more »

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  • harley shifter shaft

    Not Finding Gears Stripped shift arms and Harley shifter shaft are a common problem for almost every model Harley Davidson. Your shift assembly will be actuated thousands of times, just riding over the course of one weekend. Eventually the spline of the shift arm and the shift shaft will begin to wear. Next Step If… Read more »

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  • Harley Brake Switch Diagnosis

    What do you do when it’s pouring outside and your brake light stays on? You dive into the electrical issue with a Haynes repair manual so you can head of for a safe ride when the weather clears. Bob LaRosa has reviewed the brake light switch issues at the handlebars and underneath the transmission clutch… Read more »

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  • Ignition Coil Test 008707f_Y0A17u_c

    In this video Bob takes a look at the Harley Davidson ignition coil. The coil consists of two windings of wire, the primary and the secondary. The primary receives 12 volts from the motorcycle and allows voltage to build; transferring voltage to the secondary winding where voltage is increased to thousands of volts and released… Read more »

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  • How to Remove a Harley Front Fender | Fix My Hog

    In this video Bob and Mark walk us through Harley front fender removal. This procedure will be similar on most Harley-Davidsons. There are a number of reasons you may need to remove your front fender. The most common reasons would be to replace your fork seals, removing your lower sliders to replace with chrome, or… Read more »

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