• Harley Valve Job

    When You Ship it Out So you do not have a Serdi machine in your garage and you will need to have a reputable shop do a Harley valve job for you. Or maybe you do and all your riding buds can have you do the work! Mike reviews the Serdi and the specialty tools… Read more »

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  • Fork Seal Leak

    You may develop a Harley fork seal leak at some point. It’s a rubber seal and they were out and deteriorate over time. Another Vice Mike shows us how not to pick up another vice. He uses the motorcycle as the vice to remove the tubes. Make sure everything is clean and free of debris…. Read more »

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  • Rocker Box Cover

    Moving Along Mike Roen installs the Harley rocker box cover gasket in the correct location. You will need a little blue Loctite on the cover bolts to help keep them in place. Make sure the gasket stays in place, run the bolts down snug and then torque to spec. Be careful not to damage the… Read more »

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  • Harley Rocker Box

    Mike Roen has the Harley cylinders in place and is now ready to put the lower Harley rocker box on. Your gaskets are labeled front and rear. Make sure to install correctly. Make sure to remove the old o-ring. Prep your bolts with some blue Loctite and put them in the correct allocation. You will… Read more »

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  • Harley Cylinder

    Mike Roen has everything laid out on the bench to put this Harley cylinder and top end back in place for this Twin Cam. We took it apart for some upgrades and a valve job. Since we showed you how to take a top end apart we figured we should show how to put it… Read more »

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  • Harley Top End Removal

    Top End Removal In this video, Mike Roen takes us through Harley top end disassembly on a Twin Cam. As always, review your service manual before attempting a labor intensive job, such as this. Also, refer to your manual as you work. Stay Organized It is important to have a clean, safe area prepared for… Read more »

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  • Softail Shock

    Down and Gets Dirty The Softail shock is one of the most neglected components on a Harley Davidson. Although not easy to access, the shock assembly does require regular maintenance. The design of this shock assembly allows for it to accumulate road debris. The front side of the shock assembly has a number of (aprox… Read more »

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  • Harley Fork Lock

    Lost Key, Now What? If you ever lose the key to your Harley Davidson or purchase a used Harley without keys, you will need to replace your ignition switch and fork lock assemblies. These assemblies are, typically, keyed to match. That is, you should be able to use the same key for both ignition switch… Read more »

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  • Mounting a Tire

    Cost Savings A rider who can mount his own tires will save a lot if money by not having to rely on a dealership or local shop. There is not much needed to accomplish mounting a tire manually. You will need a bead breaker tool/mount, tire spoons, rim protectors, a needle nose pliers, and a… Read more »

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