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It’s time to experience a rush of exciting new tips and techniques for improving your motorcycle wrenching skills! The Fix My Hog video collection contains essential and helpful information specifically constructed to assist you! These Harley-Davidson videos are extremely fun and enjoyable to watch while working on your own Harley. Learn specific tricks and find out several unique techniques! Now get busy watching and learning from the many Harley-Davidson videos.

  • Cobra Fuel Management 008719f_Y0A29u_c

    You found the exhaust with the sound and performance gains you want. You picked out an air intake that will increase the flow of air to your engine. Now what? Bob LaRosa gives us a look at the brains behind the braun. The fuel management system. Think “jet kit” for a carburetor on steroids that… Read more »

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  • Neutral Issues 008726f_Y0A36u_c

    If you are experiencing Harley neutral issues, “hard neutral”, or having a tough time shifting your Harley, you may need to address your Harley Davidson gear shift linkage as an assembly. Sometimes, a misaligned shift linkage will be obvious to diagnose. Other times you may need to examine the assembly more closely. As Bob explains;… Read more »

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  • Uncover the Wonders of Maine in Acadia National Park 008877f_Y0A49u_c

    Explore the Atlantic coastline of Maine in its infinite glory at Acadia National Park, the United States’ first national park east of the Mississippi–the place where fresh saltwater air and glacier-smoothed mountain rock collide, and where North America first says hello to the sun. Start at the heart of Acadia National Park You can begin… Read more »

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  • Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park Exploration 008875f_Y0A47u_c

    Sky-high tree tops as far as the eye can see–is there any sweeter view in the world than a sprawling and expanding forest? Skirting eastern California and crawling toward the border of Nevada: that’s where you’ll find some of the nation’s oldest and most beloved forests and national parks. Remote, untouched and majestic, these national… Read more »

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  • 008710f_Y0A20u_c

    In this video, Bob demonstrates two piece Harley Davidson fuel tank removal. The two piece fuel tanks demonstrated here are typically found on Harley Davidson, Evolution, Softail models. There are Shovelhead models that have the two piece fuel tank configuration, but the tanks mount differently and rubber grommets are not utilized. There is typically a… Read more »

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  • Ignition Coil Test 008707f_Y0A17u_c

    In this video Bob takes a look at the Harley Davidson ignition coil. The coil consists of two windings of wire, the primary and the secondary. The primary receives 12 volts from the motorcycle and allows voltage to build; transferring voltage to the secondary winding where voltage is increased to thousands of volts and released… Read more »

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  • Discovering the Unknown in Canyonlands National Park 008872f_Y0A44u_c

    Home to vast unexplored canyons, towering mesas and the early cowboy, Canyonlands National Park is one of the must-visit national parks in the United States. For the outdoorsman who really wants to get off the beaten path and blaze their own way, Canyonlands National Park is truly incomparable. Traverse Canyonlands National Park’s unique terrain Dissected… Read more »

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  • 008873f_Y0A45u_c

    Sprawled in the southwest region of South Dakota, the majority of Badlands National Park was carved by wind and rain into a seemingly infinite expanse of canyons, ravines, mesas, buttes and gullies–the sort of harsh, uninhabitable landscape that makes master hikers roll up their sleeves and grit their teeth. But then there is the softer,… Read more »

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  • Cobra Full Exhaust 008709f_Y0A19u_c

    Our partnership with Cobra brings us this video on the full Cobra motorcycle exhaust. You’ve done your research and you want to add a full exhaust, air intake and fuel management system to your Hog. Bob LaRosa reviews Cobra’s PowrPort crossover exhaust and what you need to have in order to get that next level… Read more »

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