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It’s time to experience a rush of exciting new tips and techniques for improving your motorcycle handling skills! The Fix My Hog video collection contains essential and helpful information specifically constructed to assist you! These Harley-Davidson videos are extremely fun and enjoyable to watch while working on your own Harley. Learn specific tricks and find out several unique techniques! Now get busy watching and learning from the many Harley-Davidson videos.

  • Motorcycle Pegs Shifter Upgrade

    Motorcycle Pegs Shifter Upgrade

    Comfort and style when changing out our motorcycle pegs should come into consideration. You are removing the stock pegs for some reason and it might be form, function or both. This video shows a great motorcycle pegs upgrade on the shifter lever. We remove the stock Harley pegs and install Kuryakyn Kinetic Shift Pegs. Related… Read more »

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  • Harley Highway Pegs Install

    Harley Highway Pegs Install

    This video covers removal of stock Harley highway pegs and install of new Kuryakyn Kinetic highway pegs. Related Videos: Kuryakyn Kinetic Review Kuryakyn Kinetic Grips Install Kuryakyn Floorboards Install Kuryakyn Brake Pedal Install

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  • Leather Care

    Leather Care

    This video shows us proper leather care for your saddlebags, jackets, boots and more. You have to maintain and service your leather just like your oil. You have to clean it and protect it to keep it form turning brittle and dull. Do not cause a safety issue with any slippery products on your seat.

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  • Motorcycle Windshield Tips

    Motorcycle Windshield Tips

    This video how-to shows proper care for your motorcycle windshield. Always remember to start with the least aggressive process. Hot soap and water helps with most bugs and debris. You might have to step it up with a glass cleaner and go up from there. Related video: Removing Bugs

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  • Harley Brake Pedal Upgrade

    Harley Brake Pedal Upgrade

    This simple upgrade from the Harley brake pedal to the Kuryakyn Kinetic brake pedal can be the pedicure you always wanted but never got. Don’t be afraid to let your toes and feet get what they deserve, comfort. Related Videos: Kuryakyn Kinetic Review Kuryakyn Kinetic Grips Install Kuryakyn Floorboards Install Kuryakyn Brake Pedal Install Kuryakyn… Read more »

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  • 007260f_Y0912u_c

    Harley Floorboards Install

    Are your Harley floorboards worn out or just not comfortable? Bob LaRosa shows us an easy upgrade from stock to Kuryakyn Kinetic floorboards. Related Videos: Kuryakyn Kinetic Review Kuryakyn Kinetic Grips Install Kuryakyn Floorboards Install Kuryakyn Brake Pedal Install Kuryakyn Highway Peg Install

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  • 007158f_Y0766u_c

    Harley Ignition Switch Tip

    Bob LaRosa takes a moment to review a common question he gets. Why does my Harley ignition switch give me trouble? He admits it’s a trick question because it might not be the ignition switch at all. You’ll have to look at the wiring harness as a whole and the charging system. Related Videos: Electrical… Read more »

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  • Kuryakyn Kinetic Grips Install

    Kuryakyn Kinetic Grips Install

    Bob LaRosa shows us how to perform one of the top part swaps riders perform on their Harleys. New grips help with comfort and control. Two things that come in handy(get it) on a long ride. Yes, they come in a pair one for each side. Kuryakyn Kinetic Grips Models w/Electronic Throttle Control * Designed… Read more »

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  • Kuryakyn Kinetic Review

    Kuryakyn Kinetic Review

    Bob LaRosa reviews the line of Kuryakyn Kinetic grips, throttle boss, floorboards, foot pegs, brake pedal pad and shifter pegs. All Available at Dennis Kirk: A staple of Kuryakyn’s new Kinetic line, the Kinetic grips are a long awaited update to the popular ISO®-Grips line. Designed to offer the ultimate combination of performance and… Read more »

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  • Form A Funnel

    Form a Funnel

    Form A Funnel will help keep your motorcycle clean. Easily molds, then holds its shape so you get every last drop of oil every time, no matter how obstructed the filter or plug. * Molds into and holds any shape to create a leakproof channel for draining oil or fluid * Thick, pliable nitrile rubber… Read more »

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  • Cool-Master By Love Jugs

    Cool-Master By Love Jugs

    Bob LaRosa provides a video review of the Cool-Master by Love Jugs. Meet the COOL-MASTER, model. This new addition to the LOVE JUGS line gives the rider another choice in style and power that takes controlling the excessive heat produced by your Harley to an all new level. The COOL-MASTER is the newest model from… Read more »

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  • Cool-Master Install

    Cool-Master Install

    The Cool-Master from Love Jugs is here to help when the summer hits and temperatures rise. Until recently, all Harley-Davidsons® were air cooled. That means if you are not forcing air through the fins on your engine the motorcycle is not getting cooled. Most of the time this is not an issue. We start to… Read more »

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  • 006950f_Y0758u_c

    CV Performance Products Review

    Bob LaRosa provides us a video review of the CV Performance replacement parts for the Harley Carburetor. CV Performance helps riders like yourself achieve the full performance potential of your Harley and American V-Twin motorcycle with their quality CVP brand products. CV Performance manufactures the Original EZ-Just mixture screw, slide needles, jets, the latest design… Read more »

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  • Harley Carburetor Rebuild

    Harley Carburetor Rebuild

    With the stock carb broken down and on the bench, Bob LaRosa will now walk us through the stock Harley carburetor rebuild. You will need the right jets for your set-up. You will need all new gaskets and your parts laid out on the bench and ready to install. Work clean and take your time…. Read more »

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  • Stock Harley Carburetor Tear Down

    Stock Harley Carburetor Tear Down

    Bob LaRosa brings us through the clean-up and tear down of a stock Harley carburetor. Take you time and work clean. Make sure all debris is cleaned off carb before you start to remove any parts. As you remove the parts, set them aside and mark them for reference before you start to rebuild the… Read more »

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  • Loctite Stripped Thread Repair Tip

    Loctite Stripped Thread Repair Tip

    Bob LaRosa gives us a demonstration on stripped thread repair. Form A Thread from Loctite makes it an easy fix. When an expensive component has a stripped thread there is no need to run out and get a new one. Loctite has a great product to make the repair and keep that component in service…. Read more »

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  • Dielectric Grease Uses

    Dielectric Grease Uses

    This video how-to looks at dielectric grease uses on your Harley. It’s important to clean the bulb, housing and add some dielectric grease. Related Videos: How to use Loctite products on a Harley video Loctite Epoxy Mixer Cups and Fairing Repair Loctite Stripped Thread Repair Tip Loctite Insulating & Sealing Tape Dielectric Grease Uses Tool… Read more »

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  • Loctite Insulating & Sealing Tape

    Loctite Insulating & Sealing Tape

    Loctite Insulating & Sealing Wrap is a non-sticky, self fusing, multipurpose wrap. It can withstand extreme conditions: -65°F to 500°F, tensile strength up to 700 psi and dielectric strength up to 400 vpm. The wrap is uv, saltwater, fuel and acid resistant. Bob shows us a great repair on some battery cables. Typical Applications: Jumper… Read more »

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  • Jims Transmission Fat 5 Overview

    Jims Transmission Fat 5 Overview

    Bob LaRosa introduces us to another Fix My Hog Video Class. We will be installing a Jims transmission. During the video we will show a Jims Fat 5 Overdrove install. No matter if you are servicing your transmission or doing an upgrade this class reviews the step by step process of removing the transmission and… Read more »

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  • Harley Rear Tire, Drive Pulley and Inner Race Removal

    Harley Rear Tire, Drive Pulley and Inner Race Removal

    To start this project and save some time we removed the exhaust and primary drive. If you are not familiar with those procedures, please review the related video links. Bob starts the transmission project by removing the Harley rear tire, drive pulley and inner race. Related Videos: Harley Transmission Project Outer and Inner Primary Removal… Read more »

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  • Harley Shifter Fork Removal

    Harley Shifter Fork Removal

    The next step for this project will be to remove the Harley clutch cable, transmission top cover, shifter drum and shifter fork. You will not be reusing some of them but you should clean them, mark them and note bolt locations. Maybe take a few pics along the way. Make sure to tape off any… Read more »

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  • Harley Transmission Removal

    Harley Transmission Removal

    This video how-to class focuses on Harley transmission removal. We have to remove the electronic speedo sensor, clean it, inspect it, wrap it and set it aside. We remove the hardware on the transmission trap door by loosening the small bolts first. We use a specialty tool to pull the trap door, the shafts and… Read more »

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  • Harley 5 Speed Transmission Main Drive Gear Removal

    Harley 5 Speed Transmission Main Drive Gear Removal

    We are at a point with this Harley 5 speed transmission removal that we need to remove the main drive gear. We’ll remove the seal from the case, wipe it clean and set it aside. You will need to remove the quad seal to use the specialty tool to remove the main drive gear. Other… Read more »

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  • Harley Counter Shaft Bearing Removal

    Harley Counter Shaft Bearing Removal

    This video shows how to remove the Harley main drive gear bearing and counter shaft bearing. Take your time and wear safety glasses when removing the retaining clips. Clean up as you go and use the right tools for this job. Other videos in this class: Jims Transmission Fat 5 Overview Harley Rear Tire, Drive… Read more »

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