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Troubleshoot with Harley Error Codes

The Twin Cam allows us to see the Harley error codes also known as the diagnostic trouble codes. This videos reviews how to retrieve the codes. This process will help you determine where to look and test. Don't just go out and by a new sensor or part. Find out what's going on.

Harley Error Code

Q: I have a Sportster 1200 C year 2011 the bike runs ok but I get this Harley error code p1001 if I clear the error turn on the bike but do not start the engine after about 20 seconds it errors again I have replaced the system rely I still get this error it…

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Harley Diagnostic

Error codes, po577- cruise high input? I need some Harley diagnostic info please. Also it has code # p0031, I cannot find any reference, can you help a brother out? Via Email If you are not having a problem with your cruise control, just clear that code #P0577. It can be caused by moisture. Code…

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Battery or Fuse

2013 Sportster Seventy-Two recently I replaced the battery due to the previous one being dead and not holding a charge. However now after the new battery is installed when I hit the ignition nothing happens. The lights are on and there is no do dimming or any of the other signs of a dead battery…

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Harley Error Codes – Oil Light

I just changed my oil from HD – 360 20w50 to screaming eagle syn3 full synthetic 20w50 now the problem when I start my bike which is a 2005 FLHRI the red oil light comes on and the oil is full. When I speed the engine up light goes out. Now when the engine is…

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Fresh Fuel in Your Harley

I have a 2001 Ultra Classic that won’t run right at a medium speed of about 2000 to 2500 rpm. My Harley starts to miss and wants to die. Via Phone Check for Harley trouble codes. Check your charging system. Check for an intake leak. Do you have fresh fuel in your Harley? New spark…

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Gas Smell and Engine Light

My bike runs great but every so often the engine light go’s on and I get a very strong gas smell. It also seems to run on one cylinder. After a few seconds the light goes off and every thing is fine. Lately the light will not go off and will continue to run on…

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Issue With Starting My Harley

Q: I have a 2004 Harley Electra Glide Classic and I have an issue with starting my Harley. I am not proud to say this, but the bike has been outside for approx 4 months and even now when I had in my garage for 3 – 4 months it still will not start and…

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Flashing Signals When Starting

My turn signals flash three times when I turn on ignition switch. Is this a trouble code? This just started. Via Email We searched, but could not find any info on three flashes. Usually 6 flashes are indicative of a stored code. We would suggest looking for a possible code anyways. Related Fix My Hog…

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Fuel Pressure Issue

My bike won’t start. It’s fuel injected and has new fuel lines and the fuel pump is working. The bike sat for 6 months but ran before. It has only 6,000 miles on it. Like I said the bike sat for 6 months. The battery went dead so I bought a new battery and put…

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