Barney and his Tractor Story

My story is the usual, but not. I am a normal 50 year old bloke living in Kalgoorlie,in Western Australia. Regardless of the bikes I have owned, I always wanted my own Hog.

I had a Blackbird; it was quick and comfortable, all in all a great bike. Then I gave up smoking. We drove 600 km and I caught up with Perth Harley Davidson and spoke with Tony. I fell in love with a 2014 Wide Glide. It is my tractor, and I have not enjoyed riding, as much as I do now.

There was a hiccup and the bike tried to stop a house. The rider was worse off, than the bike. As gutting as it was, I was able to get back on the road after help from family and friends. I realized, as long as she was rideable, then the battle was won. Like me, the bike has character markings. Neither of us are fast, but we are about sitting back and taking in the magic of riding. Unlike the other bikes, my tractor and I are a team. She is my sanity and my headspace, along with my excitement, exhilaration and calming factors. Our team of riders is growing constantly and thanks to support from Darryl at Kalgoorlie Bikeworks, our own Harley dealer, there is good times in the desert, here, in the outback of Aussie. Your site is informative and helpful.

No matter where we are,it is all about the road, the sound, the brotherhood and the legend. Many an individual has grown up with the dream of riding their own Hog. Some of us lucky enough to be doing it. We stopped at a shop and there was a Mum and her two boys, (all of 4 or 5 years old). Their smiles and eyes told a story. I said to their mother, “they are welcome to sit on the bike.” Wow! Another future customer signed up without knowing. I started the bike, showed him the throttle and said, “Not a real bike until you grab a fist full, young fella”. It was a quiet laid back shopping complex, with a young bloke screwing the neck on a v-twin legend, resulting in a smile that would lighten up the darkest of places.

My story is simply: riding, open road and brotherhood. It is about staying up right and riding fee and enlightening others on a legend that deserves to be honored.

Regards, Barney
Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

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