Cam Chain Adjuster Shoes

Q: I have a 2006 HD Ultra Classic 1450 CC. What year did they (HD) start putting in the hydraulic cam chain adjusters? I have 42,000 miles and I am concerned. Thank you – Robert

A: Robert, Harley upgraded to the hydraulic cam chain adjusters in 2007. At 42k, we would suggest having yours inspected. Thanks for your question.

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4 Responses to “Cam Chain Adjuster Shoes”
  1. Daniel Morgan
    Daniel Morgan

    The upgraded cam support plate for the twin cam engines first came out in the 2006 Dynas, then with the rest of the big twins in 2007, same with the six speed

  2. Terry

    I believe it was 2006 for the Dyna platform then all other platforms got them in 2007+. So your UC would not have hydraulic cam chain tensioners and should be inspected. Mine were almost gone at the same mileage pull the cam inspection cover and take a look.

  3. Stacy Moore
    Stacy Moore

    I have no oil pressure 06 ultra drained oil have medal on drain plug. Oil filter has small pieces of medal in it. The drain pan has some medal glitter in it but not a lot.

    • Stacy Moore
      Stacy Moore

      no oil pressure 06 ultra classic,drained oil small pices of medalin oil filter;glitteronbottom of oil pan but not alot.have any ideas on cause.