Changing Out Fork Tubes

I purchased the Fix My Hog DVD and found it exceptionally helpful. I recommend it highly to others. I am in the process of changing out fork tubes on a 2000 Electra glide Classic, because I am converting it to a trike. I have purchased raked triple trees (5 degrees). Besides the schematic in the service manual, do you have any technical advice when installing the new longer fork tubes into the lowers? I think that a segment on this would be interesting on a DVD. BTW, can you tell me what the degree of rake is on the FLHTCI frame?

Thanks – Frank


Hi Frank,

The only experience I have with trikes is with Lehman trike conversions. I am sure they have a web site and can answer all your questions. Stock rake of the FL self centering can be found on Hawg Halters( HHI’s) web site.  Wrench Safe, FMH
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  1. Thom Ritter
    Thom Ritter

    The fork lowers on a TriGlide are also longer than on a 2-wheel FL. You may have to change yours over.
    I found that out when shopping for aftermarket lowers. Couldn’t find anything for Tri’s, ended up powdercoating my stock ones.
    As stated above, HHI has a wealth of info on their site, including a chart showing fork angles and what rake to use for different wheel diameters for 2- and 3-wheels.