Cold Idle Dies ’98 FLHPI

First, thanks for DVD Touring very helpful. Second, my Road King has just over 40k now & I am experiencing a couple things. Cold start idles @ 600 – 800 dies & then on restart have to throttle 10krpm ’till warm up. Maybe the idle speed control needs replaced? Also I am getting some oil out of the air cleaner & last, shifting is normal “clunk” in 1st, but after the tranny warms up shifting is noisy. Also there’s a rattle coming from the tranny from time to time. Time to take it to the shop? History of bike: S.F.P.D. until I got it. I doubt it was ever exposed to excess heat, but a lot of hills.
  Greg,  Most likely the idle speed stepper motor (control) is worn. Oil out of a/c is most likely the umbrella valves in the center rocker covers they can be hard from age (made of rubber and soaked 10yrs in hot oil. Police m/c see a lot of idle time, need to be replaced, not hard to do 4 bolts on top cover and new seals and gaskets. Tranny noises and clunking due to police use and mileage. I would suggest replacing the trap door bearings on the right side under the clutch cable cover (Jims USA sells a tool to do this job without taking everything apart).   Wrench Safe, FMH
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  1. Dale

    My 2004 Road King Custom with fuel injection the engine & battery light came on. The battery is original always on battery tender in winter. 40k mi. Bike run great the battery back on tender went to green light fully charged. When I checked voltage it was 13.0 with bike running it stayed at 13 then with heated grips on lights flashers it dropped to 12 but stayed there. The battery light & engine light was not on after battery charge. Do I just need new battery or do I have a charging issue?
    Thanks just joined fix my hog!

  2. Mike Davis
    Mike Davis

    I live in ill. I’m looking for a garage I can take my 02 harley davidson flhtcui for some updates. And looking for a trustworthy mechanic. Any suggestions?

  3. Rory

    I have a neutral switch problem with my 1999 Dyna FXD, this bike has been customized, however the twin cam is stock with 68K kilometers. The neutral light does not come on when shifting to neutral. I have checked continuity and the on/off function of the switch all work. Is there an adjustment on the inside the transmission that determines the on/off (closed/open) of this switch? The light will flash on when the shift lever is moved through neutral to second. Nothing happens (no light) on the down shift.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      There is not an adjustment. When the ball bearing in the switch drops and contacts a detent in the shift drum, it creates ground for the indicator light.
      Verify that the correct neutral switch is being used. It should have 2 posts on top with 2 wires.
      Try a new switch.
      See if anything changes if you install the switch without the nylon washer beneath it.
      Or, you may want to remove your transmission top cover to get a better look. See if the switch is able to contact drum detent.