Cops Stay Cool With Love Jugs

We have been working with Love Jugs for a few years now and they keep getting it right.

Steve West, CEO of Love Jugs, should teach a class in Marketing. He has been the voice of Love Jugs and has amassed a huge list of the motorcycle industries “who’s who” to endorse his products.

The endorsements that speak the most are from groups that put on the miles and time in the saddle during high heat moments with their Harley-Davidsons. The Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club is a group that has spent thousands of hours on Harleys. They even wrote articles about Love Jugs in their magazine Sword & Shield. Here’s a snippet.

“Several Law Enforcement departments in America have equipped their motorcycles with these units and have found unbelievable results against the heat. A surprise result was noticed by Nic Shultz of H-D of Madison (Wisconsin) on his customer’s police motorcycle. He saw first hand that Love Jugs not only cut down on the heat, but it also cut down on heat related engine repairs and extends the life of the engine…”

If I had to get pulled over, it would be COOL for it to be by an officer that’s not already fired up from sitting on a HOT Harley all day!

Check it out what BKLEMC has to say about Love Jugs.

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5 Responses to “Cops Stay Cool With Love Jugs”
  1. S.J.MOreira

    Need to Know a Vendor Address,or where I can’t Purchase the love jugs.thank You for Your Help.

  2. Peter

    Can you tell me if they are easily fitted to the M8 engine, particularly the Mighty Mite and if there is a supporting fitting instruction for the M8.

  3. Wayne

    I have a 2014 CVO LIMITED would love jugs do a better job cooling my engine than my liquid cooled system with fan because the 110 gets pretty bloody hot