Cranks Without Starting

Question for Fix My Hog Been having trouble with bike not starting. When I hit the start button. Sometimes it starts okay other time just cranks without starting. I believe that a no spark is the problem. I also think it could be the tssm is acting up. Can I replace it with a tsm to eliminate the security system? If yes how do I marry the replacement to my ecm?

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Fix My Hog Answers We would suggest checking for trouble codes 1st. Then, verify whether or not your issue is spark or fuel related. You can use a spark tester in line with your spark plugs & spark plug wires. Should not, only, speculate that you have no spark. If you change over to a TSM, you will need the dealer to marry with their Digital Technician.

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6 Responses to “Cranks Without Starting”
  1. Joe

    Got 09 Night train had it for 9 months got it ship to me it been a fuking lemon since I got it the dealer won’t help it breaking down under load


    Please help. I have a 2008 FLHX street glide anniversary edition. Approx 31k miles. My problem: bike will turn over but will not start. I have spark. When spraying starting fluid in the intake it starts but will not run but for a moment. I have put in a new fuel filter and fuel regulator. When ignition on and turn to run fuel pump is heard and fuel shoots out the relieve hole from the fuel regulator. Battery is fully charged. Diagnostic codes P1511, P2101, P0572. All other codes are “none”. I am trying to do this work myself and learn more how to maintain my own scooter. Please help.

  3. Packrat

    If the security module was interfering, the starter would not crank. At least this is the case on my 07 Ultra.

  4. gene

    my ignition problem is pretty straight forward,no fire from coil,03 efi heritage,4 wire conn.,y/gn wire hot while cranking,new system relay and crank senser,1 wire from that the ioncircuit, the other 2 are for the frt.and rear cyl.straight to the ECM. Just an educated guess,is the ECM bad????