Dust Boots Replacement

I have a 2003 Road King and the dust covers on my rear air shocks have cracked. I was told that my only option is to purchase new shocks that I can’t just buy the boots. I find this hard to believe. Is there an aftermarket boot available?  Willie E.

Willie E,

None that I know of, you may want to search the motocross industry. Everything is covered with an accordion style protective boot there. Also consider replacing the entire shock with a conventional spring over non air style shock, no boots, and no leaks and much more tunable. Last thoughts are try a swap meet or eBay as these shocks are removed all the time and sold very cheap.   Wrench Safe, FMH
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  1. jacques mercier
    jacques mercier

    take the same part at honda dealer …honda1200 1982 air shock are showa the same the moco use ,and you can order allthe parts for them,,,

  2. poppakrash

    On Google I found that; the strut mate boot kit # SA1997 from Amazon is a good replacement. You’ll have to trim to fit and use a zip tie to secure the top. I used this to replace the rear air shock boots on my 02 ultra. They worked great

    • Rob Ferguson
      Rob Ferguson

      Identical item is used on Honda GL1100 shock absorbers and the dust boots can be ordered separately. Honda part # 52611-463-013 Boot RR cushion. They are expensive, $27.00 each (CDN). I was able to order mine from the local Honda Auto dealership. When installing, use some liquid dish soap as a lubricant to slip the bottom portion of the boot over the bottom shock mount.