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Q: First off thanks for all your help with the DVDs and online resources. Have you ever done video or shown how to replace the front engine mount? I have a 2006 Street Glide. I replaced the engine mount and now the bike vibrates worse than what it did before. I checked my fairing mounts, they are good. I noticed the new mount was shaped differently, from the old one. But I do have it installed right side up. No vibration at idol, just when I throttle up in or out of gear. The vibration is in the floor boards, seat, handlebars. Any ideas? If you already have a segment on this issue or have a recommendation I would greatly appreciate some help. Thanks
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Mike F
A: Mike, the front motor mount on a touring model H.D. has a specific top and bottom side. Make sure you do not have the mount installed upside down. If the mount is installed correctly, but you have more vibration than with the old mount, you may have another problem (hopefully not an engine issue) that is being amplified by the new, stiffer, rubber mount.

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4 Responses to “Engine Mount”
  1. bill atkins
    bill atkins

    when you change the front motor mount on a touring Harley, It is important to check engine alignment in frame. If you don’t have a service book buy one. Engine alignment is in there. A great 50 dollar investment.

  2. cappers1956

    No help there, how about the exhaust system. I hear a lot of talk on after market exhaust and the position of the pipes transferring engine vibration to the frame, foot boards to handle bars. Anyone have a comment on this.

  3. Daniel Morgan
    Daniel Morgan

    You have to be sure that the bolt that goes down through the middle is centered exactly as you lower the engine back down again

  4. Doug Schiefer
    Doug Schiefer

    I changed the front mount&both rubber mounts in swing arm&now my inner primary is touching my frame