Fix My Hog Bolt-On Performance

The much anticipated Fix My Hog Bolt-On Performance DVD set has been released by Fix My Hog. If you are not familiar with Fix My Hog, they are known for their high quality series of instructional videos on maintenance and repair for your Harley Davidson motorcycles.

The 3 DVD set includes instructions on how to enhance the performance and looks of your HOG by way of bolt-on parts and accessories. There is also a very interesting discussion with American Iron editor Chris Maida talking about performance and how it relates to the restrictive EPA regulations.

The first DVD starts with an extensive listing of tools required to handle the various projects. Unlike a manual that just states the tool required, the video actually has each tool laid out for you to see as each one is listed. So if you ever wondered what a particular tool was called (oh that’s what that is) or what a certain tool actually looks like then this DVD covers it. The first disk then jumps right in with details on installing new clutch/throttle cables, a full exhaust system, installing a Power Commander, and of course the interview mentioned.

Disk 2 includes instructions on chrome inner primaries and the outer primary cover, installing an HHI chrome front end and brake caliper, and the popular Mikuni carburetor kit. Also included is a great description on installing a Barnett Scorpion clutch. If you have never installed your own clutch before, seeing this procedure performed is worth the cost of the Bolt-On DVD set.

The third and last DVD includes additional step by step instructions on bolting on performance parts and accessories with the same attention to detail as the others. One of the final projects includes installing a Thunderslide kit into a Harley CV carburetor. While installing this kit may not be on everyone’s list of performance enhancements, the instruction is easily applied to general carburetor disassembly required for rejetting or changing slide needles.

Every project is explained in detail while a professionally trained technician walks you through each process. All procedures were filmed in an actual motorcycle shop, however the video is studio quality and seeing what the tech is working on is never a problem. Its actually better than looking over your mechanic’s shoulder, since you can pause frame by frame at your own pace.

Bolt-On Performance is offered in both a Softail/Dyna edition and Touring edition.

Fix My Hog repair videos on DVD are available for Sportster, Softail, and Touring models.
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  1. larry miller
    larry miller

    I wounld like to set an set of cams to my 016 road guide, like to shut my acr off, is there an eash start cams that can be used thanks