Fix My Hog DVDs for Sportster, Softail and Touring Harley-Davidsons

Omigosh, I’m in love! With Bob! Ok, also his assistant Mark and doggie Menzo! So, why am I jazzing?! Because if you own or will own one of the above HDs, you want this DVD in conjunction with the service manual appropriate for your year model.. The DVDs are a talking/visual service manual! And let’s face it, although service manuals are pretty good and show you the HOW, they don’t always explain the WHY. But that’s solved now!

The 2 DVD series I watched (I just couldn’t stop!) was the Sporty edition and it starts out with a tool review and then moves into sub-sections of motorcycle maintenance. Bob is a graduate of MMI, worked for HD for eight years, continued his education, and then opened up his own shop! I give much credit to Bob’s matter-of-fact delivery of information that doesn’t talk down to a wrencher . . . not only does he explain and show you the procedure, he adds lots of ancillary notes that end up making you feel soooo smart!

So, it’s 3+ hours of smart . . . 30 procedures documented in loving detail. Dennis Santopietro, Founder, has done all HD owners a favor (ok, ok, it’s business, but still) and according to him, these were created because, “he became frustrated with paying for routing service.”

And then, just when you think it doesn’t get any better than that, there’s a whole safety tips riding section from none other than our beloved Jerry and Donna from Ride Like a Pro!

Bottom line: get the aftermarket service manual for about $20 and get the DVD for $40-$46 depending on the version, and you will not only be INFORMED, you’ll be able to DO MAINTENANCE you never imagined! It’s a great investment that is sure to payoff for a long time.

Coming up: a Bolt-On Performance DVD at the end of 2006 and then the company has plans to work on DVDs for metric motorcycles, including the Honda VTX, Yamaha Stars, and Suzuki Boulevards. Yummy!
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