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When the folks at Fix My Hog asked me to review their new maintenance video on Harley Softails, I knew I wasn’t the right person for the job. As the Guru of Gadgets… the Father of Fix-it, and the Wizard of Wrenches, I needed someone who is slightly clueless around the tool-box. Someone who needed an instructional video like this.

That’s where my friend, John Doe come in. JD (not his real name) knows about as much about the basic maintenance of his Softail as the Pope knows about cole slaw wrestling in Daytona.

So I bought a six pack and with clip board in hand, sat down with JD to watch the video.

The first comment out of my erstwhile movie critic’s mouth was, “shoot man…this dang thing is pretty good…”

Well, I guess that was the stamp of approval the FMH founder Dennis Santopietro was waiting to hear!

But that wasn’t good enough for me. I probed for a more scientific analysis instead of his homespun homily. Here’s what my wrench challenged friend revealed about the video.

They give a run through of all the tools you need to get the projects done.

They cover everything from the charging system to fluids, brakes, axle adjustments and even the differences in engines.

You can start and stop the DVD and skip to the different chapters with the greatest of ease.

But all was not sunny and bright as JD told me that his biggest problem was with the guy named Bob who kinda talked funny. This coming from a man who uses “shoot” and “dad burn” and “hoo-wee.”

Fix My Hog video is available on the web at HYPERLINK “” and through distributors and at select motorcycle shops nationwide. There is also a version for the Harley-Davidson touring models.
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