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Here is where I am with a “Hog” I had a 2003 Springer. Flywheels shifted. It was a rebuild. Traded it in for a 2010 Heritage, well balanced bike love it. Went for its oil change. I got to have another engine rebuild. Why? Flywheels… My buddy 2014 Street glide same thing! What’s Harley doing about its flywheel problem?

Related Q: I’ve got a 1999 Road King with an 88″ twin cam, and I was wondering if I could put a 2009 stock 96″ cylinders and pistons on that 1999 88″ using the stock intake and heads from the 88″ and if you know if there are any flywheel issues as well. thanks -Ken

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We haven’t heard any acknowledgment from H.D. on any flywheel issues. May want to consider an S&S or JIMS flywheel assembly. It is MOST important that the motor is assembled by a reputable mechanic or machinist in your area.

Answer to engine swap: The motor components are incompatible. Here is some interesting info on the Twin Cam flywheels.

Harley Davidson Twin Cam Crankshafts Problems

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6 Responses to “Flywheel”
  1. Gregg

    2008 ultra classic. When bike is cold it’s starts like a brand new one and when hot the starter wants to kick out like it’s not locking into the flywheel completely making a awful noise. I put a new starter on it last year and it was great and has just started doing it again. Is this a flywheel problem or something else. Can anybody help with this?

  2. Rick Carlson
    Rick Carlson

    My 2009 Street Glide had the flywheels shift at 34k, luckily I had the extended warranty and I had them weld the crank!


    Can I weld flywheels on my 2016 “twinkey” If yes how do you combat heat related shinkage? Thanks!

  4. bill

    you guys are walking all around the issue and selling s&s and jims instead of acknowledging harleys bad flywheel problem that they are ignoring also.also I agree engine should be assembled by a reputable shop or mechanic obviously harley doesn’t have these anymore. But you guys should say something other than a sales pitch and obvious statments.

  5. DIRT

    My 2014 Sportser Iron 883 went into the shop because it was making a screeching sound. Turned out the flywheel bearing was bad. After assembling the engine though the tech discovered that the replacement flywheel from HD was not true. This leads me to believe that the original flywheel also was not true and that is what caused the bearing to fail.