Follow Up on Bugs Be Gone

Hogger Feedback: I’ll bet you got a hundred replies, or maybe not. It’s my understanding that the ammonia that might be in Windex is harmful to our Lexan windshields. I’m not sure if that’s true, but I’m not experimenting on my windscreen with Windex or service station concoctions that might mess it up. Got almost 50,000 miles on my first windscreen before it had to be retired. Just used a little soap and water. That’s pretty good service. Stan D

Your latest on cleaning bugs was good but let me tell you what works really well based on years of experience with Love bugs. You mix (50/50) distilled water and hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle. You spray this on the bugs and the H2O2 breaks down the bug protein so that it comes off easily. The really bad areas might require a second spray after wiping the first time but it has never taken more than 2 sprays. Been doing this for many years and no ill effects to fairing or windshields. Thanks for the articles on maintaining your HOG. Charles B

Best windshield cleaner (Canadian HOG Riders) Lemon Pledge with soft cotton cloth (old bath towel cut down). Darrell S

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3 Responses to “Follow Up on Bugs Be Gone”
  1. Scott T
    Scott T

    Best bug cleaner – soak a towel in hot water. Lay it on the windscreen for 5 minutes, wipe off bugs. It’s that simple. The heat softens and lifts the bug debris from the windscreen. No scratching and leaves the screen crystal clear. Of course the best defense before you start the trip, wax the windscreen. Use vertical strokes – no wax on wax off here. Circular motions tend to leave swirls on the screen. A good paste wax is best. I have used spray wax when on the road. Not to mention the benefits of water sheer if caught in the rain.
    That’s my 2cents from Northern NJ.

  2. Gary J
    Gary J

    Had a hint to use lip balm on the edge of the windshield as it’s suppose to form a dam to keep water from coming over the top of the windshield. I always treat the edge with the lip balm (have lots of it) just in case it did rain. I always carry a tube on the bike. Every little bit helps in the rain.

  3. John

    I have always just used a soft towel soaked in hot water, it takes a few strokes sometimes to get the really stuck bug guts off, but everything comes off. then dry with another soft towel. no chemicals, no concoctions, just hot water.