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2002 Make Harley Model Softail Springer Hog Questions: I’m having fuel problem, took fuel pump out of tank, cleaned it up ( there was some paint chips from inside of tank) removed all paint from tank. rolled it on a slow lathe with mineral oil and a couple cups of polished stones. ran great for 4 years. started running poorly again cleaned fuel pump up. however don’t know how to test it. now looking at fuel injectors. but need help, can you help me.

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If you are certain that you are dealing with a fuel issue, you need to start with a fuel pressure test. If fails test, you will need to replace your fuel pump, lines, etc. Basically everything inside the fuel tank. If the fuel pressure is good, we would suggest replacing your injectors.

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  1. Luis Velazquez
    Luis Velazquez

    I just put a new fuel pump fuel filter and regulator and replaced fuel lines in the tank still no crank will crank if i spray some carb cleaner not much had set for years its a 2003 100 anniversary edition i think its the in ejectors what say you?

  2. mpease5

    I have a 2005 Dyna low rider in my shop that does not hold pressure when you turn key off. It is leaking out the end of the fuel pressure regulator. Installed new regulator doing the same thing. What is next. don’t see anything wrong with regulator housing.

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      Customer Service

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