Gas Cap Stuck

Question for Fix My Hog 1995/1998 H-D/MP131 FXSTC. What is wrong with this gas cap. I now know the left tank gas cap unscrews clockwise. It is jammed. I tried a few things to try and get it to turn. I have looked at some oil filter wrench tools that could get a solid grip and break it loose. I have no information that it is a dummy gas cap like the later types with a fuel gauge. The twin tanks are the custom stretch type.

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Fix My Hog Answers There are countless manufacturers and styles of gas caps for Harley Davidson. Have no idea what you have. If/when you exhaust all options; drain the tank – remove it & start drilling. After you finally extract it, flush the tank & reinstall.

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3 Responses to “Gas Cap Stuck”
  1. Forest

    isn’t the left gas tank cap the fuel pump and or gauge that should not be removed unless you need to service it but not for adding fuel and yes it will be in very tight so s not to come out

  2. Don

    I think if it is a 1995 it would have the split tank and two caps. It should have a clicker that keeps you from overtightening. I would try one of those strap wrenches first. Protect the tank paint. If no luck then a large channel lock. The right cap is clockwise to tighten. The left cap is counterclockwise to tighten.