Harley Alternator Replacement

QuestionFirst of all I´d like to thank you so much for such great videos and important information you provide to us (HD owners). I´m from Mexico City and proudly own a 1995 HD Road King. My questions is regarding the alternator. The manual states that for Harley alternator replacement it is necessary first remove both, the primary chain sprocket and the clutch as a component but I´ve been told you change the alternator by only removing the primary chain sprocket and not the clutch. Is it really mandatory to remove both components and why? Thank you in advance and, once again, Congratulations for such great information.

Best regards,
Ricardo C.

AnswerRicardo, you do not need to remove your clutch assembly to replace your charging system. Removing your compensating sprocket assembly and the lock nut from your primary chain adjuster, will allow you enough room to replace your stater and rotor. Good question. Thanks – Dennis

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22 Responses to “Harley Alternator Replacement”
  1. Troy

    I have a 2008 Road King FLHR. Isn’t it necessary to remove the inner primary (primary chaincase housing) in order to gain enough clearance to remove the rotor and stator?

  2. Lewis

    Trying to find out the minimum and maximum clearance (gap) between the stator/rotor and the crank case on a Harley Davidson soft year. S&S motor in 98 fat boy.

  3. Randy Zeilinger
    Randy Zeilinger

    1973 shovel and going to replace stator does the shaft extension of the compensator come off with the rotor and the manual does say inner primary does need to be removed or can I do this swap without removal Thank you for your time Randy

  4. Bill

    Thanks Guys, I have a 2009 Road Glide and am upgrading the compensator to the 42200064A and it says to do this I need to change the stator hub to 30041-08A. My question is can I just replace the hub with one from a 2014 when they changed the hub for the new compensator?

  5. JR

    I have 2013 street glide and the charging indicator shows it will not charge and the battery ck engine light comes on…then after a few minutes will start charging again and the lights go out..unfortunately this only happens while riding and nowhere near a place to have cked out..any suggestions or should I consider replacing the rectifier

  6. Jackie Cook
    Jackie Cook

    When we are riding our 2005 Dyna Wide Glide. It gets hot and the gauges all go out and then in a little while all comes back.. Now when my husband rev it up out in the yard the alternator light came on and when he let off it went out.. We are having trouble to figure it out.. Help needed… Thank you.

  7. ED

    On the 95 softail is the compensator nut right or left thread? It is tight and may need a impact gun. Do not want to break anything

  8. sugara

    On the 95 roadking 95 is the compensator nut right or left thread? left is hard

  9. John Roddy
    John Roddy

    I have a 2004 fxdwg it was parked for a year and ran fine. Now start and ride for 5 or 10 miles and almost wont start. Put in new battery and rode about 10 miles turned it off and almost wouldnt start. What would cause this problem?