Harley Axle Spacers

Q: These Harley axle spacers are in a 18″ x 5 1/2″ rear wheel assembly for an 1993 Softail delivered in a bag of parts. If possible, can you email me the orientation of reassembly? That would be great. Thanks for any extra steps you may be able to save me.

A: Kevin, you will use one smaller spacer on each side of the wheel. They will be positioned right up against your wheel bearings and recessed, partially, inside of the wheel bearing seals. The longer spacer will go on the left side (pulley side) butted against the shorter spacer on one side, and the swing arm on the other side.

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7 Responses to “Harley Axle Spacers”
  1. mark lewis
    mark lewis

    Ya know what’s great info source for that kinda stuff?? H-D Service Manual!!! Yes, even have one for my 1979 Shovelhead 80!! Pricele$$

  2. n2sels

    Ticket 20509 I’ve got 2006 Roadking Classic and the rear wheel is about 1/4 inch to left side where it runs on the rubber belt guard when fully loaded with passenger.
    I’ve asked around and have told this is a design flaw.
    My question is, can I use different size spacers to truly center the rear wheel inside the fender?

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Dear Mark,

      Thank you for your patience. In regards to your question-

      You can’t only judge the rear tire position against it’s relation to the rear fender.
      The fender is thin and easily manipulated. Especially toward the bottom, back.
      Assuming that you are dealing with stock rims & sprocket:
      Verify that the rear wheel is correctly installed and that the correct size tire was installed.
      We would not recommend trying to space the wheel differently. Remember every time one thing is changed, it affects at least one other area.
      If you move the wheel to the right, even just 1/8″, the brake rotor will be tight against the outside brake pad…unless you have the right side of the rear hub reduced. Now you’re into engineering!!
      Remember, Harley’s engineers already figured all of this out, and the belt was not rubbing when the bike was new.


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  3. Tony

    Have a 1990 fxsts. I had the front wheel off then noticed a washer on the floor I think it came from the right side of the wheel. Is there supposed to be one or two washers there?

  4. Phillip Fears
    Phillip Fears

    I pulled the axel out of my 95 1200 XL and wasnt paying attention to where the spacers went. I count three, two the same size and a smaller one with a groove all the way around it. I admit stupidity if youll just tell me where they go in the proper order.