Harley Clutch Seems to Not Disengage

Question Harley Clutch seems to not completely disengage.

1. shifts hard
2. hard to get in neutral
3. adjustment of clutch and cable does not help
4. primary oil Mobile 1 20W50
5. clutch pack loos good, fiber plates look good, steel plates have a dark blue color

Any suggestions?
Bobby R.

Answer If the steel plates are blue, they have been over heated and are no good. Would suggest replacing all steel and fiber plates. It would be more helpful if you told us your make and model. There are a few things that can cause a m/c to do what you described. Also, is this a stock H.D. clutch pack?

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25 Responses to “Harley Clutch Seems to Not Disengage”
  1. Rubens

    My 2014 ultra bangs loudly when going into 1st and sometimes won’t roll when I pull the clutch in while its in gear. Io have to warm it up in nuetral shut it off and start it in gear to avoid the bang then it jumps forward. Is where a fix I’ve had in the shop 4 times and they say it’s normal to me that’s unexceptable what can I do

    • HAMMER

      Clutch is not adjusted properly if it won’t release. The banging into gear is somewhat normal for a Harley…the clutch pack does not completely stop moving when disengaged. Talk to BDL…soft clutch..and no banging.

  2. Robert

    I have to review the motor up a little to disengage the clutch when stopping. It is 2003 police edition Harley Davidson.

    • Scott

      Has the clutch ever been changed out? Police feather the clutch a lot and cause grooves in the basket.

  3. Daniel F Carey
    Daniel F Carey

    I have a 2102 Road King Classic. It has ALWAYS been cranky about going to neutral. I have 10,000 on it and have had it serviced religiously. Thought maybe it would “break in” but would seem to be past that.

    • Jerry

      Try Red Line V-Twin transmission fluid. It worked for me. Also seems to go into neutral easier if you just tap the heel shifter as opposed to trying to use the toe shift into neutral

  4. Ron Garguilo
    Ron Garguilo

    I have a ’98 Heritage Springer, 23,000 miles. Hard to get into neutral. Runs great, all other gears ok.

  5. Ken Clark
    Ken Clark

    had the same problems found out it was my stock primary chain adjuster
    replaced with a Hayden Mfg. chain adjuster and run Lucas primary chain case oil
    took care of the problem and the bike runs a lot smoother

  6. ed

    after sitting for a few days the bike lurches and stalls when put in gear. once its warmed up and ridden no problems 1990 heritage softail.

  7. Brian

    Have 2008 ultra classic. Clutch did not work well from new. Tried a Barnett clutch pack, every oil I can think of and still hangs up. Have readjusted it many times but to no avail. Gonna sell it !!

  8. Stephen

    I have a oil coming from my air cleaner after I ride it ,and I have to put oil in the oil tank and tray to what can be my problem

  9. Richard D Tucker jr
    Richard D Tucker jr

    NB Ticket 17414 I have a heritage soft tail 2010 ever sense i owned it the starter makes a clunk like sound, they tell me its normal on that bike

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Dear Richard,

      Thank you for your patience. In regards to your question-

      Can not really speculate without actually hearing for ourselves.
      However, what you describe does not sound unusual. A good starter with a good battery should really plunge, hard, out and back in.
      If the m/c always starts with no missing or grinding, you probably do not have any mechanical issue.

      I hope this helps!


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  10. rick

    installed new clutch & steel plates new cable. will not disengage completly hard to get into nut.

  11. Lani

    2000 Deuce, with a hydraulic clutch. Replaced, clutch, clutch basket, push rod etc. When clutch is pulled back, and 1st gear chosen, back tires spin without letting out the clutch. Cant stop the bike by pulling in the clutch. Help!

  12. kelly

    I have a 2008 XL1200N and the clutch wont disengage. I will go from 1st to neutral also

  13. Dalton Campbell
    Dalton Campbell

    2008 fxd with new screaming eagle clutch kit and pressure spring and clutch will not disengage

  14. James

    I pulled in my clutch at a stop sign and my bike lurched forward and died. The clutch handle wont come back out and now only has about a quarter squeeze before it hits the handle?