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Q: I have a Sportster 1200 C year 2011 the bike runs ok but I get this Harley error code p1001 if I clear the error turn on the bike but do not start the engine after about 20 seconds it errors again I have replaced the system rely I still get this error it can go away for a day riding but comes back again can you give any ideas on a cause for this?
Thanks Rob L

A: Rob, sometimes a code gives you a clear indication if what sensor/component needs to be replaced. Other times, the stored/current code only gives you a clue as to where to begin chasing your problem. It would have been nice if your problem was only a relay and that is where we would have started too (especially, being a cheap part). Now you will have to begin looking at everything associated with this relay. Basically, any component that directly, or indirectly has a wired path to this relay is suspect. If there is a problem with your bikes performance right now; that can be another clue for you to consider. An electrical manual for your make and model would be more than helpful. Consider doing an ohms resistance test on your coil. Sometimes you can find the correct test readings (for your coil) on line if you can not access the electrical manual for your ride.

Hogger Feedback from Rob:
Thanks for the update. It is looking like a grounding problem. The ground point one was corroded.
I cleaned this up and the fault went away for a week. So I will check out the all the grounding connection and cables.

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  1. 540soundman

    need to change the factory grips on 2011 ultra limited. no video on your site