Harley Error Codes – Oil Light

Question I just changed my oil from HD – 360 20w50 to screaming eagle syn3 full synthetic 20w50 now the problem when I start my bike which is a 2005 FLHRI the red oil light comes on and the oil is full. When I speed the engine up light goes out. Now when the engine is warmed up the light doesn’t come on what do you think I need to do? It never happened until I changed oil and went full synthetic.

Answer If your oil level is correct, the light should only illuminate while starting, or when the ignition switch is on and m/c is not running. Changing to S/E syn 3 should have no bearing on anything. There may be an underlying problem. Does this engine have high miles? What is this engines history? Has there ever been any work/upgrades done to this engine? Make sure it is not just something silly. Check, or change your oil pressure switch. Be sure that the wire/wires for the switch and indicator are ok, and not pinched anywhere.

QuestionIt never happened until I changed oil and went full synthetic. I was just talking to a friend he said it might be because it has just under 78,000 miles no work ever done. Do you think it might be the change from H – D 360 20w50 to the screaming eagle syn3 full synthetic?

Answer You should not have this problem using 20w-50 weight oil. Doesn’t matter if it is synthetic, non synthetic, made by: HD, Spectro, AMS oil, or Mobil. There is something else causing the oil light to illuminate. May be as simple as a dead short in the oil pressure switch, or indicator light wiring. Or an engine problem. If you switch back to the originally used oil and the light stays off, the found problem is not fixed. Look for any Harley error codes.

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13 Responses to “Harley Error Codes – Oil Light”
  1. Scott

    I have an 05 ultra , I bought an electronic oil temp/level that replaced the original dipstick.
    It worked fine with H-D oil , when I changed to Amsoil it quit working-I just wonder if it IS the oil?!

    • Jim Hawthorne
      Jim Hawthorne

      Amsoil should have no effect on that electronic dipstick. I have one and have run Amsoil for 44K miles with no problem. The dipstick does, however, have a replaceable battery in it. Directions for changing the battery came with the dipstick.

    • Ian Macdonald
      Ian Macdonald

      I have had the electronic dipstick as well on my 05 Ultra. I bought it when I was using Syn3 back in 06 and switched to AMSOIL in 2010 no issues. AMSOIL is not the problem.

  2. jhmeeks2

    How do I remove exhaust slip on that have been welded together from heat?

    • Customer Service Techs
      Customer Service Techs

      There is no way that the exhaust can actually “weld ” itself together. Your best bet is to soak the area with a rust penatrant. You can use a plastic/rubber dead blow hammer. Also, pull up, down, left & right on the end of the slip on.

  3. TheMaddYooper

    According to API: The American Petroleum Institute, The same viscosity test is used for both conventional oil and synthetic motor oil. In other words 20-50 Valvoline mineral spirits motor oil and screaming eagle 20-50 full synthetic must meet the same standard for viscosity to be 20-50w.
    Having said that don’t out think this. Start with the simplest things first. Check the connectors and the wiring, Change the switch. Check the error codes.
    If it were me and I found nothing unusual and had replaced the switch I would check to see if it is wet sumping no matter which oil is used.
    The only thing I have ever had against full syn is it’s tendency to leak. It is not a superior lubricant if it does not stay in the machine. If it stays in the machine it is definitely a superior lubricant.
    78,000 and no motor work is not a bad thing. If there is a reason to do work you’ll do it.
    Do not play with oil system problems they can get real expensive fast.
    Hope you get it on the road again soon.

  4. Larry Locklear
    Larry Locklear

    Heads up, if you are running an oil filter that is not made by Harley, that will cause a drop in pressure. Harley uses 5 micron filters. Great for increased pressure and keeps all the crap out of the oil, to a point. Spend money on a pressure gauge, then you will know if you have a pressure problem, or pressure switch problem, looks great also, custom!! Good luck, Larry

    • Ian Macdonald
      Ian Macdonald

      Yes Harley filters are 5 micron “nominal” says so right on the box. Amsoil filters are 20 micron absolute (also on the box). What’s the diff between nominal and absolute? 20 micron absolute means nothing better than the 20 microns passes the filter. 5 micron nominal means HALF of all particles larger than 5 microns WILL pass. These could be up to 100-150 microns. I’ll stick with my 20 micron absolute filter.

  5. alan robinson
    alan robinson

    Oil light stays on bike won’t start. When I checked the oil there was none, I just had a oil change done, there is no way it should have been empty.

  6. Dean Taylor
    Dean Taylor

    Have 2016 FXDL, Sat for 5Mos, 1650 mi, Sat for 5 most indoors, Tank full, oil full,It has an oil light on and won’t even turn over,Oil prime issues? Oil reset? Been into MC’s since 10. ?????

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hello Dean,

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  7. David Madigan
    David Madigan

    I own a 2017 Road Glide Special with 17,000 on it. the oil light has come on now 4 times within the past 2 months. The oil level is fine. Fresh oil in it. I HATE this feeling of “oh no, can I trust this bike for the next trip.”