Harley Ignition Coil

Q: I recently took the fuel tank off and now it is time to reinstall. The Harley ignition coil and the fuel tank front arms share the front two retaining bolts. My question is : Do the retaining arms on the ignition coil go inside or outside of the retaining arms on the fuel tank?

A: The coil mount fits inside, directly against the frame. The fuel tank tabs will slide over.

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13 Responses to “Harley Ignition Coil”
  1. mark

    And as Bob would/should say, “Don’t get in such a hurry when you’re taking things apart that you don’t pay attention to HOW they come apart. Take your time, even take some pictures. Your cell phone comes in really handy for those pics. Then when you go back together, you can look at your pics on your cell phone and, voila, you know how things go together.”

  2. Tony Myers
    Tony Myers

    I’m not getting any spark, it started it would run for 10 minutes then quit now no spark at all so I tried to check the coil like a old coil to spark and it doesnt spark like an old coil does, is this right or should I check it as the service manual describes, stuip ? but shouldn’t it spark like a old coil or coil used with points?

      • Tony Myers
        Tony Myers

        96′ 883 to a 1200 I just put a throttle cabl on then it wood start and go about 5 blocks and loose the fire its set up for about 2 months due to weather now it doesnt fire or get any spark

        • Dennis Santopietro
          Dennis Santopietro

          Hi Tony,
          How’s the adjustment on the throttle cables? Good snap back return? “Does not fire” is the battery turning the starter? Have you been able to perform any tests?

  3. Bill

    I have a 96 evo. I am getting no spark at the plugs. The battery is fully charged. motor turns over but no spark to the plugs.

  4. Hound

    my 1979 Harley sportster keeps burning up coils what can i do to stop this from happening again

  5. Ernest Burns
    Ernest Burns

    I have a 07 Electra Glide Classic, I recently put new plugs and coil wires on and getting to the coil was more trouble than it should have been. I have noticed on some bikes the coil is located under the seat area and easy to access. My question is, Is it feasible to relocate the coil on my bike to that location.