Harley Oil Filter

Q: I’ve done many oil changes on my FXR’s & Dyna’s for 25yrs. The service manual doesn’t call for filling Harley oil filter with oil on these models when doing oil changes so I’ve put new oil filters on without filling with oil. Should I be putting oil in filter before installing them?

A: It is always good practice to fill your new oil filter with oil before installing. If there is no oil in your filter, you only have air. Your oil system does not call for air, only oil. It is unfavorable to have air in your system, as it may disrupt proper circulation. If this can be avoided, it should be. Like we said: it’s just good practice.

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10 Responses to “Harley Oil Filter”
  1. Edward Tetter
    Edward Tetter

    I have a 1978 shovalhead I need to hook up my turn signals properly any tips?

  2. Dana

    It makes no difference as the filter is on the return side of the pump to the oil tank. you can do what they call a 4 quart oil change. with the filter off put a drain pan under the oil filter mount, fill the oil tank run the engine untill the oil comes out clean-less than a quart. replace the filter,fill the oil tank , run the engine than check your oil level.

  3. Steven Gleason
    Steven Gleason

    ,bike has set for 2years with some gas in tank 2003 Electra glide what should I do before I crank it