Harley Riding Temp

Q: I am new to Harley motorcycles. I purchased a 2005 883 custom bike and my question is; Can you start it and let it idle without riding it. I live in Tennessee and some days it is too cold to ride it right away.

A: It’s always good to let your bike warm up. At least for a couple of minutes, while you are getting ready to ride. When thinking about Harley riding temp, you should not allow the m/c to idle for an extended period of time, if it it warm outside. You will be at risk of over heating the air cooled motor.

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17 Responses to “Harley Riding Temp”
  1. WELLS


  2. Len

    Just as someone said. When the rocker boxes are nice and warm your ready to go. Especially with the Evo engine. Lat thing you want to do by running a cold Evo is to blow a base gasket

  3. larry balducci
    larry balducci

    well..i guess i should not perform my 2nd fav. passtime during summer months, going to sleep to the melodious sound of my Harley dyna just sitting idling. MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. Denis

    My last ride was in December, NYC Veterans Day Parade. We left from Staten Island it was 44 degrees, got to city traffic was dead stopped temp was near 70 now. Trying to get to the parade line up took 1 hour doing 5 mph, my bike idle went lower and I had to keep throttling up to keep it from staling. Well it did stale 2x, and was running the same until we got to destination. parked and waited for us to enter and lead the parade. It ran ok, not great. But going home doing 55-60mph it ran perfect. Any answers what would cause this, this wasn’t the first time it happened, seems to be over heating, I use synthetic Amsoil. My bike is a 2006 Road King with 20,000 miles.

    • Customer Service Techs
      Customer Service Techs

      Your bike was over heating. Parades are torture on an air cooled engine. Not only is there no air blowing across your motor; but your air intake lacks fresh air as it sucks in the exhaust of the bikes in front of you. If you plan on more rides like this, we strongly suggest that you add a fan to your ride. Check out this assembly from Love Jugs. It’s an excellent kit. Looks great. Works great. Top quality and an AMERICAN company. They were a pleasure for us at FMH to work with. http://www.fixmyhog.com/video/cooling-hot-harleys-love-jugs-005958/

      • Hatem

        I installed a fan to get more air circulated around the engine so that I can handle heavy traffic and parades. I have a 2012 Ultra with oil cooler and the engine switches to one cylinder to avoid overheating…. Yet the fan was the best to handle parades

  5. William Gardiner
    William Gardiner

    Besides my dealer, where can I buy “all” the books I need for my new Softail Deluxe – (2014)?

  6. Clarence Delaney
    Clarence Delaney

    I have a 1980FLH shovelhead very low miles, it’s been setting up for ten years. What have I got to do to get it running again. It already burped oil everywhere, lol I’m glad I knew it was going to do that.

    • Customer Service Techs
      Customer Service Techs

      Hi, Clarence. Our videos cover years 1984 to present, and we do not have videos on shovelheads at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  7. Thomas

    2001 road king 46 degree out side 68 degrees in shed.stared bike up for about 6 / 7 minutes then shut off then I noticed a puddle of oil under bike on the left side some people say it will puke oUT the tranny tube if you don’t ride it is this correct

  8. Alan Simonetti
    Alan Simonetti

    Ihave a 1995 Road King that runs great but if i let the bike sit for a time and i check the trans fluid it will be low and when i check oil it up to the hot level even when its stone cold . i use the same amsoil in all the fluids any answers? thanks.

    • Customer Service
      Customer Service

      Hi Alan. You might be over thinking it.
      Correctly fill your transmission & ride until your next service. If the transmission oil is not leaking from anywhere, there is no reason to check it In between, if you are on a regular service schedule.
      Same with the motor oil.
      Hot & cold – dip stick reading is aprox the same reading? Doesn’t matter – If it’s the reading you are looking for, you’re all set.

  9. Noah Becker
    Noah Becker

    I know this is an old but I have a general question about my 2013 883. What is the normal operating temperature of a sportster?